(Article) Awesome Writing Skills For Curriculum Vitae's Cover Letter

Awesome Writing Skills For Resume's Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter, we often do not spend much time without realizing how crucial it is in the process of job application. The following post answers some of the queries about the cover letter.

In the job application procedure, the cover letter plays an important role. The way an applicant writes and presents a cover letter has the power to either make or break his or her career. If you have a properly written cover letter, it can actually help you in impressing your employers a lot. However, some of us still remain in vague about cover letter; answered below are a few queries about cover letter;

Are cover letters still necessary in an era of digital media?

Yes, cover letters are still very much necessary; moreover in a competitive job market, cover letters can always give a thoughtful advantage only if written and projected properly. Cover letters are an effective way of introducing yourself, to convey your ideas and your overall personality; and of course create a good impression on your hiring manager. However, you can customize your cover letters according to the job description and the company you are applying for.

In a recent incident reported, employer expressed dismay when she found put that out of the 200 applicants, nearly a quarter of them did not send across a cover letter! Many of them had more than 3 years of work experience reflecting a somewhat informal mind set among the younger lot.

How should you organize you cover letter? How long should it be?

Firstly, find out the decision-maker’s name to use it in the salutation. In case you are applying to a bling ad, write, “Dear Sir or Madam” or “To the Hiring Manager”. On certain cases, it has been found that some candidates end up sending cover letters without any salutation or at times end up begin it by “hey there” — not acceptable.

Cover letter should be short; limit it to 3 or4 paragraphs. In the first paragraph elucidate as to why you are lettering, it might be a situation where you are answering to a job opening through networking; mention this in the cover letter.

In the middle paragraphs, enlighten why are you interested in applying for this particular position and how can you justify it. Show that you have relevant knowledge about the company. Now, focus on the pure story about your career graph, highlight some specific achievements that you have had in the past.

Complete your letter by indicating that you will definitely follow up in the near future and do make good promise for that. Sign off with a tome of sincerity.

Where should your cover letter appear—attachment or the mail body?

You can contain your cover letter in the mail e-mail message or place it above your resume in an attachment. If you end up placing it in a separate attachment, you run the risk that a manager in a hurry might overlook it. So, it is better that you paste it on the body itself but, do remember to keep it short.

On the other hand, if you really want to leave behind an impression on your prospective employer, what you can do is make a hard copy of your cover letter and send it along with the resume. You can attach a note saying “second submission”. Such tricks often help in creating a more remarkable impression on the employers.

What are the common mistakes made on a cover letter?

Some of the major errors, which candidates often end up making in a cover letter, are typos, misspellings; improper sentence construction can hamper your chances of creating a good impression on the employers. If you cannot afford to pay someone help pen down a cover letter for you, you can always fall back on your friends and family for the same. If you know someone who has good language skills, seek his or her help in penning down the perfect cover letter.

Also avoid including specific details like salary and geographic locations; this is because by doing so you might end up showcasing that you do not meet all the criterion of the job description. On a last note, while writing your cover letter, apply the golden rule and keep it short. Write it in an effective way, so as to create the maximum impression.

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