(Article) Want Microsoft India to consider your resume?

Want Microsoft India to consider your resume?


Do you want to know what it takes to get hired by Microsoft India? What are the technology platforms and skillsets you need to know if your resume has to be considered by Microsoft India Development Centre?

Do you want to know what are the job openings available at MSIDC? What is the recruitment process like?

In a chat with Get Ahead readers on February 22, Chitra Sood, staffing director at MSIDC discussed what prospective candidates must follow to get noticed by MSIDC.

For those of you who missed the chat, here is the transcript.



 Chitra Sood saysHi, This is Chitra. I am ready to take your questions.



Tajuddin :  Hii, I've 4+ years experience in system networking process, have experience in C, Unix. I've completed MCA in 2002. willing to work in MS India. How i'll be able to reach in te MS team?

Ans : Hi, Look up the available positions in our careers page on website. Each product page link in red gives you open positions in that group for MSIDC--Microsoft India Development Center in Hyd. http://www.microsoft.com/india/msidc/careers.aspx



deepak :  hi.. i have 3 years of exp in IT industry and pursuing MBA in marketing... i had doubts about the Program Manager's role... will an MBA fit into that role and wat is the career path?

Ans : Hi, Please write to debjanim@microsoft.com, she will share the job descriptions with you.



jayakrishnan :  iam a graduate mechanical engr having powerplant exp.can i switch over to software?

Ans : You would need to have very good knowledge of software engineering algorithms, datastructure, etc. If this is something you are pursuing, a career switch is possible.



Sheba :  hello mam, do u recruit freshers, what is the percentage criteria for entry level positions?

Ans : Yes, we do. We go to campuses during placement season and recruit. We also look for interns during this period.



jitendra Sharma :  Dear Ma'am, I am jitendra Sharma presently i am working in an entertainment company having chain of multiplex in all over India as HR Executive.I have more than 8 Year expe.in feild of HR. I want to do my job in software company such like your reputed company. Kindly give me your guidance on it & How I am entered in software company?

Ans : You could apply, as the function of HR truly transcends all kinds of industries.



Ninad :  Does MSIDC only consider candidates who exclusively have experience in Product Development Life cycle? I am an undergraduate working now as a Senior engineer (Data testing) having 8 yrs of total IT experience in Microsoft technology on different Project Domain. Will Microsoft consider my resume?

Ans : Having product development experience is definitely an advantage, but if you have good knowledge of computer science fundamentals, you can apply.



veer :  hi i have 10 year exp. in Software Cusotmer Support Can i join the microsoft.?

Ans : I suggest you contact our global technical support center in Bangalore. Details on MS India website.



vijay :  Hi madam, I have completed BCom, PGDCA, and MDSE from lcc. I have 8 years of experience, is there any opportunities like me please?

Ans : If you have strong computer science fundamentals, you can aspire for a career in software development.



savithri :  Do people who hve completed Btech get jobs in Microsoft without good computer skills?

Ans : :-) We are a software product development company, so having strong computer science fundamentals is important.



vipink :  Hi, I would like to know about the selection process for MS Dynamics CRM after shortlisting for the interview. Secondly once interviewed how much time is required to reappear? Thanks & Regards.

Ans : HI, The selection process for MSIDC is identical across all product groups. You can reappear after six months.



sanatth :  I have 4 years of experiece in .net. wht wud be the procedure for an interview and how to prepare differently for such procedures?

Ans : http://www.rediff.com/getahead/2008/jan/29chitra.htm Please look this up.



Arul :  Hi, this is Arul. I have 2+ experience in identity and access management. what are the opportunities for this technology in MS India?

Ans : Please look up the link below for open positions. http://www.microsoft.com/india/msidc/careers.aspx.



Anujs :  Hi mam I am B.E Computer Science Final Year Student. I am EMC Corp Certified professional and a CCNA. Do Microsoft provide job opportunities in Storage Technology? Kindly guide me how can I get a job in Microsoft?

Ans : Look up the Data Lifecycle Management link on http://www.microsoft.com/india/msidc/careers.aspx.



Guri :  Hi i happen to be working with Banking Domain since last 4 yrs as a Technical guy placing various roles, like a Module Lead, Team Lead, Onsite co-ordinator. I have worked in US for 7 months approx for MIS with business users interacting with Business guys who plan new projects for a leading bank of the world. I wanted to know if i can land into a management role - where i lead and manage resources, technical team and clients? What future prospects can i expect at Microsoft as i have always been an Open Source technical guy?

Ans : Please apply through our career site



gautam 1 :  Hi Chitra do you have any opening in HR?

Ans : Yes, we do. Please send your resume.



Pravin :  do you have any opportunities on mobile side development?

Ans : Look up the careers page link given above. We have lots of opportunities at MSIDC.



Mohit :  What does Microsoft does to retain its employees? How about the salary structure compared to US employees? My friends have worked in Microsoft for quite a while and they have left for better companies like Google. They say there is 1/4 ratio for every person in India, i.e. every person in India is paid 1/4th of that of an US employee, even in same team working and doing the same work. So all in all the low budget bad projects come to India and high budget good projects never come to India.

Ans : Hi Mohit, MSIDC works on end-to-end products, features and technologies which are key to MS business worldwide and is shipped to a global customer base. Salary in India is based on local market conditions. There is no specific ratio between US and India salaries.



Sunny :  Does microsoft have its own captive Unit? Im working with a BPO in mumbai as a Team Manager handling Microsoft Windows Live Onecare? Wish u could help.

Ans : Didnt understand your question.



Puloma :  Hi Chitra, does Microsoft India employ individuals as technical writers and instructional designers? If yes then what is the selection procedure and job requirement?

Ans : Yes, we do. Please send your resume.



bnpguy :  I have recently completed my MBA and want to shift career from technology to business side. What opportunities MS India offers?

Ans : We have openings for business manager and business analyst. You can send your resume.



jay :  Hi, I have 14 years of experience, MSc Degree and an MBA degree. I was working in US for last 10 years and right now I am trying to come back to India. What is the right opportunity I can have?

Ans : Please refer to our website for opportunities in India http://www.microsoft.com/india/msidc/careers.aspx.



Dipesh :  How Rigorous is the Microsoft selection Process? And are u able to get the kind of skilled manpower that a company like Microsoft requires?

Ans : There is very good talent in India, and the fact that MSIDC has grown to 1,400 plus employees is testimony to that. The selection process evaluates ability to use computer science knowledge in solving real life problems using software.



Aman :  hi Chitra, I am really good C/C++ programmer and right now in final year BE CS&E in SIT Tumkur. Do i stand a chance to get interviewed or will i not get a chance because i am not from IIT?

Ans : Certainly Aman. We look for talent from all good engineering colleges across the country.



sarda :  Any options to work from home for women especially? If so how would the recruitment process be like?

Ans : We foster a diverse and inclusive work environment. We look at each individual person's situation and try to ensure a proper work/life balance.



Amal :  Hi I am Btech drop out. But I have been working in company called Trilogy Ebusiness Software India Pvt Limited for last two years. Will Microsoft consider me ? I was topcoder in college winning many programming contests. And basic computer skills are strong.

Ans : Hey, Amal. DO send your resume.



beti :  does Microsoft reguarly ill-treat its employees? i heard its not so in google. is that true? tell me the truth.

Ans : We are committed to providing a great work environment to all our employees with the best opportunity for career growth. Our campus in Hyderabad is considered one of the best with facilities like multi-cuisine cafeteria, doctor on site, free shuttle service, best equipped gym, entertainment options, flexible work hours, and a lot more.



Soham :  Hi Chitra As I said before, I have been working as a BMC Monitoring tool implementor for the last 4+ years. Does MS India deal with monitoring technologies? Like MOM?

Ans : In Microsoft we work on multiple technologies. As long as you have good computer science fundamentals you can look for opportunities in related areas. Look up our website.



himanshu :  i have completed btech and what should i do for applying for MS?

Ans : Please look up our website.



Kifayath Pasha L :  Please guide me How to apply for a job in Microsoft bangalore as i am dying to work for this company?

Ans : Please go to the Microsoft India website, you will have your answer.



Dr.Ajay Singh :  Hi, Madam, This is pleasure and privilege to talk with you. Would you please advise me about scopes of social marketing in your esteemed organisation. Presently I am Post Doctoral Fellow in Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, India.

Ans : Could you clarify the specific area you would like to work on?



chandra_himanshu :  I Am working with microsoft as parttime how can i be full time?

Ans : You should talk to your manager you are currently working with.



anandraghavan :  May I once again ask you as to how can i become a candidate for selection for appointment to a suitable position in Microsoft.

Ans : Please apply through our website.



anandraghavan :  Hi, Let me introduce myself first. I am a final year B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engg. Student .Though I have been selected by a Joint Venture (Nissan & Renault) company at the Campus Placement, I am interested to work with Microsoft. How can I find myself as a candidate for consideration?

Ans : Are you interested in a career in software development? If yes, please go through our website.



Syed :  Hi, Chitra.. GA! Do you have openings on Java/J2EE experienced category in MS Bangalore? If yes, how to go about and apply?

Ans : Hi Syed, Microsoft looks for people with strong computer science fundamentals. It does not matter which language you are proficient in.



Chirtra :  Hi Chitra, My name is also Chitra. How are you doing? I have 5+ years in software testing, how are the career prospects in MS India for testers? I am currently doing only black box testing. I have heard through my friends that MS India only requires testers with development experiece. Is it true? Thanks, Chitra.

Ans : Hi Chitra, In MSIDC a software development engineer in test plays a role as critical as our developers. We have several open positions in test.



vishal.mishra :  Why Microsoft visits for campus placement in south india? why not in northern region? why IITs and NITS only?

Ans : We do go to colleges in Northern India apart from the IITs and NITs. Year on year we add on the list.



mihir :  Hi Chitra, Microsoft is coming in Unified Communications targeting the IP telephony/audio video collaboration in a big way,competing with the incumbents-Avaya/Cisco/etc. I have experience as a Solutions architect in the presales/consulting domain on Avaya platforms with 6+ years experience in the telcom and networking domain. What are the prospects in MS India?

Ans : Lots of opportunities. Please look up the website link given above.



RUNNNNNNNN :  We represent a Group of Engineering College ( One Of THE Most Reputed Engineering College) in Central India. What is The Process for Calling Microsoft For Campus?

Ans : We have a dedicated campus recruitment team running a strong campus program. Please contact debjanim@microsoft.com.



Vista :  Hi Chitra, I am into Software Testing & have 4+ years experience and I am ISTQB certified. I want to work for Microsoft. Please give me smoeone's email ID who recruits Testers (not the website please...give me a specific person, I am really serious about working with Microsoft and will be an Asset to the company).

Ans : If you check our job postings, you will also get the recruiters' mail ids.



rev :  Hi Chitra, How much you consider experience in software industry vs. programming skills of the applying candidate? (is it 0:100 or 100:0 or something else?).

Ans : We interview the candidate to find out if s/he has the right balance.



dbalaji :  I am one of the shortlisted candidates by MS-Redmond USA for their R&D Centre. They have now informed that MSIDC will look after the remaining recruitement process. When is it going to happen?

Ans : Send mail to debjanim@microsoft.com with all details. We will revert.



sum_mit :  heloo mam, Microsoft is coming to our campus but it wants to recruit only GIRLS...could you please justify that?

Ans : Hi Sum_mit, We had a very successful campus hiring program so far and hired a big number of students. As an organisation we aim to make sure we are able to reach out to diversify talent and towards this end we organise several events. Just last week we finished an all India test for students to intern with us. As part of the same strategy we are doing an all India test for women across the country.



HariPrasad :  Hi Chitra! I have friends in Microsoft and they say Microsoft is a great company to work for.. I've tried to get into Microsoft with 2 yrs of experience. But heard that Microsoft recruits candidates only with more than 5 years of experience. Can you please tell me the rationale behind this?

Ans : HI Hariprasad, Please apply through the website. We do hire people with less than 5 years of experience.



Chitra Sood says, Thanks for your time. I am sorry I couldn't answer all the questions. I am sure we would get an opportunity to interact again. All the best in your careers.

Courtesy : rediff.com