(Paper) Covansys Placement Paper

Paper : Zensar Placement Test at Hyderabad

First there was the written test:

It had 4 sections - english, mathematics, analytical and technical. 20 minutes were given for each paper. Except for maths all sections were easy. See other zensar sample placement exam question papers here for more information.

There was no negative marking so you can attempt all the written test questions. Just tick on the multiple choice - objective questions when the time is gonna be over. Out of 180 students only 20 were short listed for the 2nd round. I was one among them.

2nd round of zensar test was technical Interview Round: 

He asked me around 30 - 35 questions mostly on c++ 

Some from unix and rdbms

Then there was the zensar hr interview round. It was quite easy.

The questions were:
Tell me something about ur self
Where do u see urself 5 yres from now
Have u done any projects? (final year training project related questions were asked in the interview)
Why should i hire u  and questions like that
An essay was given: mnc?s coming to india good or bad - your views