(Paper) Xansa Test Selection Procedure And Exam Pattern

Paper : Xansa Test Selection Procedure And Exam Pattern


Here is the 26 june xansa india placement paper held at Mahalingam college Pollachi

There are four rounds:

Aptitude round
- 50 questions 50 marks
The question paper was easy.There are general aptitude questions - easy ones from rs aggarwal. (fill the series, time and work, etc.) 25 questions. It also has technical aptitude questions 25 questions. Only ?C Language? questions. Go through Let us See by yashwant kanitkar for that.             

Group discussion GD Round:
My topic is ?Is GD a necessary tool in Recruitment process? I was asked to speak that GD is necessary tool. Before discussion, you have to introduce yourself.  To get selected, one should speak confidently and clearly. Only 3 out of 10 got selected and i was one among them.

Technical round (technical interview questions)
First of all about myself and my family background. Then they asked about my achievements, strengths etc and we speaked generally. Then he gave a simple program (to get 100 students mark and to display how many students are greater than 150) and he asked to modify the program by displaying the corresponding students name,address etc..)

Some more questions asked in technical interview were:
What do you know about the IT industry
How do you learn the unknown things.
About company and Paper presentation PPT
Have you done any extra courses
It lasted for about 30 minutes. 

4th Round - HR Interview
Now after the xansa technical interview, i had to go for HR Interview. The interviewer asked me simple questions like tell me about yourself,etc. He asked ?Do you have any questions?? i asked how has been th performance till this round. He said ?nice, i would discuss with my team and declare the result. just a simple interview -just a formality. Not a problem if you have done well in all the previous sections. Good luck for your exam.