(Paper) WIPRO VLSI Placement Paper Bangalore

Paper : WIPRO VLSI Placement Paper Bangalore

Company Name : WIPRO VLSI
Had my WIPRO VLSI placement yesterday guys . It was the first company that visited our college . selects a very few students . in our college it was 13 out of 250 odd students who attempted . I was lucky enough to get selected . First round was aptitude .

They selected 89 after apti . then filtered it to 16 after the technicals and finally eliminated 3 after HR . so the final list was only 13 . the process started at 9.30am and went on till 11.30pm in the night . Aptitude test had 3 sections . Verbal , Analytical and technical . Verbal was pretty tough but other two were quite easy . Technical had questions from C and general questions like "name the memory used for storing the images." Technical depends on who you go to , in short pure luck . The guy who asked me was pretty cool . asked me to write a C program for 3:8 decoder and VHDL code for the same . ASked me to write the testbench for the same program . I hadn't done my project .

If you haven't done ne project it's very important to answer the questions he asks. questions aren't prepared in advance . They frame the questions seeing your resume . Just keep cool and answer .

A few other questions asked in technicals were -
1>explain Memory mapped IO.

2> How does the fan(showing the ceiling fan) rotate ?
what work does the regulator do ?
write the Ac and Dc motor diagram .

3>What is meant by Fan In and Fan out ?

4>Explain CMOS .

5>Realize TTL logic NAND GATE .

6>Some people were asked abt 555 timer also .

7>Some power electronics questions .

8>Explain the VHDL compilation and simulation of VHDL code . The interview process may last anytime between 10 minutes to 50 minutes . i was interviewed only for 10minutes and was asked only 2 questions . other questions i have submitted were asked to my friends .

It's really an awesome experience to get placed in the first company . all the best guys !! hope you have great placements . I am in PESIT . going into 7th semester . cheers !!

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1
Location : Bangalore