(Paper): WIPRO Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Paper: WIPRO Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Company Name : WIPRO

Type : Fresher Job Interview, Question Paper 

Hello everyone Wipro visted our campus on 25 June when we had the aptitude. The aptitude was quite easy with three sections: Verbal Logical and Technical There was sectional cut off Out of a total of 533, there were 333 who cleared the aptitude. it was the highest in the past few years for wipro. Then on 29 we had the technical interview followed by HR. My Technical Interview was quite cool. 

Remember, the only thing which is important is: confidence, eye contact and proficiency in your subjects and of course excellent communication skills. The ppl who are selected in technical are given an HR form which implies that u r selected. so those who come out of the technical round with a form usually cock a hoop. The HR round was very very coooollll. I was interview by a lady who was very young and jovial. So I was vey comfortable talking to her. But, remember, do not be complacent by being over casual with them coz they behave in that way only to analyze u. Just be confident and keep smiling. 

Out of a total of 145 ppl selecred for HR, 95 were finally selected and I was one among them. So just remember, be cool and confident. Success is sure to come all the best for everyone

No of Rounds : 

Techincal Round-1

Location : Hyderabad

Contributor  Name : Harini