(Paper) WIPRO Job Interview Paper Patten (English, Aptitude & English)

PaperWIPRO Job Interview Paper Patten (English, Aptitude & English)

Type : Fresher, Job Interview.

(a): There are mainly three rounds in it .. 
1) written 
3)HR though

i cudn't make into it .. but i wanna share my experience . Wipro being my first company i was little bit skeptical if i wud be able to clear writtens or not .. anyws .. i sat for it . I found written quite a piece of cake .....

there were 3 sections
1)English -having active-passive voice questions, similar meaning questions ,a question on phrase...like wat's 'stealing a march ' means ...,one passage was given and based on which we had to answer few questions .. thn few questions on correcting punctuations .., few on jumble words.. tat was pretty much it 
2) Aptitude- there were questions frm work-time , ratio proportion , percentage, age, some arrangement .. like a,b,c,d,e,f sittin in a circle wid some conditions given like c is to the left frm a and b is 2 right frm d , with this and this being opposite to each other and then which two can't be together types... sorry i don't remember the exact situation ... like wise few more questions which am not able to recollect ...
3) It was technical wid questions frm course.,... logic gates , correction few c++ codes, few questions frm Operating systems ...netwrkin .. tat is it ! paper was easy but ther was only 1 hr .. so main thing is time management .. i gave some 30 mins to english section ... so i managed my time in maths section i left the tricky questions .. and solved those which were bit easy .. thn i did technical and came back to maths section .. there was no negative marking .. so at the end i marked the remaining questions also ... which were somethiing around 4 or 5 ! After the writtens we had pre placement talk in which wipro ppl gave presentation and told us bout the package and their bond ..etc etc in the meanwhile we got our results also.... out of 175 ... 145 cleared writtens then we had tech round .. which started with in some 20 minz... tech round was easy for me ..

The interviewer ask me ...

  • HE asked me to introduce myslf... 

  • Then he asked bout my family .,.. 

  • Then based on my answers he asked me few more questions .. 

  • He asked me bout my areas of interest ... and y i opted 

  • Them ..my area of interest was bioinformatics along with operating system .. 

  • Which he found real interesting .. 

  • So he asked me few questions on bioinformatics...

  • Like y bioinformatics .. wat it is .. wats the use ..etc etc... 

  • Then he asked me y am i not goin for MS or research .,. 

  • To which i gave a very solid reason .

  •  Like research needs a thorough std of a subject .. 

  • And i knw my abilities

  • And i knw i can't do that amount of thorough std.. 

  • Then he asked my weakness .. 

  • Things i hate bout my college.. 

  • Things i like bout my place.. etc etc.. 

  • With few more questions ... 

  • My tech round was over he was pretty impressed with me and gave me 

  • HR form ...sayin i presented myslef really well .. ! 

  • Then i filled the HR form and gave my interview ..

  • Pretty much same questions 

  • She asked.. within half an hr resuls wer out .. and out of 55 selected in tech .. 

  • They took some 27 HR round is mere luck ... 

  • But to me tech was also kinna HR .. 

  • For others the same guy asked questions based on areas of interest .. 

  • Double linked list.. circular link list..

  • They asked questions based on projects also ... 

  • Tat is it ! though i could't make into wipro ...

  • Ithought i should post the whole experience ! 

  • Best of luck to those who r gonna sit for it ..

  • cos luck really matters........ 

  • I have seen people far more intelligent thn me not makin it to writtens or tech ...

  •  just cos the luck was not wid them !