(Paper) Wipro Latest Fresher Campus Selection Placement Pattern | Ghaziabad - 2010

Wipro Infotech

Company Name : Wipro Infotech
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
Interview Location: AKGEC, Ghaziabad

No. of rounds: 4
1: Aptitude test
    2: Essay writing
    3: Technical Interview / Screening Interview
    4: HR interview

This is the fixed pattern followed by Wipro. Mine was a pool campus recruitment drive. There were 11 colleges. first they will show a presentation on the company, they will explain all details about the company, package, company environment, everything..Students were divided in 3-4 slots.

1: Aptitude test:
It has 3 sections namely verbal ability, quantitative apti, technical knowledge.
    Verbal - 15ques
    Quantitative - 15 ques
    Technical - 20 ques

Test duration: 60min

Verbal has simple english ques, passage based ques, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Quantitative has those fixed quanti ques asked in almost all competitive and placement exams. Technical has only c, c++ and unix / linux ques.

2: Essay writing:
They consider only text written on front side of the A4 paper. they want precise and correct english in that essay. (utilise your time). Only general topics are raised, topic given to us was "women in politics".

3: Technical Interview:
Once you have cleared the apti and essay writing you have to go for technical face-off. I was a bit lucky here. generally they ask c, c++ ques here, ques related to your projects, etc. you may even required to write some programs or algos. but i was asked veryyyyyyy basic ques, evrything related to my resume, technical was asked from only my projects and that too were very simple questions. it went for around 20-25minutes. the ques were mainly..

Do you know about the bond that you have to fill-in at the time of joining, are you comfortable with any posting locations or you have any preferences (never tell them that u have any location problem.... coz you cannot have such a preference. if you have one then wipro and may be IT industry is not the place for you). then my interviewer asked me my favorite subject, my family background,etc. Show them your confidence.....

The final stage of wipro placement drive. My interview began at 8pm. maintain your energy...keep a smile on your face :)

My interviewer was sitting at the end of the room and i felt as if it was the longest distance i ever traveled...... i was thrilled and nervous of giving my first HR interview :)

He also asked me similar ques..... my posting preferences, my area of interests, my family background, he asked me that when most of my relatives are there in financial fiels then why my declination is towards science and technology, and he also asked me that why i did courses from private institutes like aptech,etc. .....i explained him that i have used my knowledge in my projects(he was impressed by this.....i think so), etc.

Just be yourself, be confident, don't fake, they will get u..... CONFIDENCE is the key...never forget.

All the best for your placement...... :)

Exam/Interview Date : 18-Feb-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Karishma Mahajan
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