(INFO) WIPRO recruitement procedure

(INFO) WIPRO recruitement procedure


I got placed in Wipro on 23rd July,2006. The recruitement procedure is like this :

1.Written Test

2. Technical Interview

3. HR Interview


Written Test:

Written test consists of 3 sections :

1.1. General English

1.2. Aptitude

1.3. Technical Questions

English was very easy. All sentence completions, active voice to passive voice, comprehensions like that. Anyone with good english can easily cross this section. Refer to Barrons for sentence completions and comprehensions.

Aptitude was too very easy. It just consists of questions like reasoning, basic physics, ratio-proportions, percentages, profit-loss...refer to RS.Agarwal.

Technical questions will be easy for a student with computer science background. Non-CS please dont worry, you will have a lower cut-off in this section when compared to a CS student. Questions from DBMS, OS, C, Java, Unix, Computer Networks, General keyboard shortcuts will be asked.

Technical Interview:

I am student from Computer Science, so I felt it easy. Questions asked were :

1. What do you do in leisure?

2. Why Wipro?

3. What is DBMS...and some queries on DBMS....

4. What is JDBC....and one program on JDBC

5. Advantages of Java over C...

6. What are signals in Unix?

7. What are TSRs in C?

8. And some questions about my activities in various college events and student clubs.

I didnt miss even one question too... I feel, if one can communicate well, and perform well in technical interview he is through. My technical interview was so cool and the HR was too very impressed.

HR Interview :

Here comes the dangerous round. It was just around 1 min my HR interview was finished. I was asked these questions only...

1. Why should I hire you?

2. What are your strengths?

3. What is Six-Sigma?

So, friends....dont worry....it is not that tough to get into Wipro....all the best.