(PAPER) WIPRO Technical Interview Placement Paper

(PAPER) WIPRO Technical Interview Placement Paper


Written : Mainly OS, Datastructures, C and CO .

Answers : All the answers which iam giving here may not right. These are just what I wrote there.

1. On Deadlock : Trivial answer, Shared Data
2. CPU Utilization:
given CPU time : 20 %
paging : 97.7%
I/O : 5.33 %
Which of the following is not likely to improve CPU Utilization:
Ans: Installing a faster CPU
3. Bubble sort : Given sequence of numbers what will be order of sequences
after two iterations.
Ans: very trivial, but you should know what bubble sort
4. Bubble sort : how many swap operations has been done in the above
5. What data structures you should use for dictionary searching and it
should be capable of doing spell check also ?
Ans: Hashing
6. Which is the best scheduling algo. (given five of them)
Ans.: Shortest Job First with Pre-emption
7. If a numbering system uses 0 , 1 and Z where Z stands for -1
what is the value of 6.25 :
Z01 = 1*1 + 0*2 + (-1)*4
Ans: You can easily find out by trial and error keep in mind
that other side of dot will proceed as 1/2, 1/4 ...
8. What is the value of 121 base 4 + 84 base 16 ?
Ans : 2130
9. What Aliases stands for ...........?
10.What is the value of
ABCD + AB'C'D' + AB'C'D + AB'C'D' ?
( Expression may not be the exact one but something similar to
the above )
11. & 12. Given a C code. What is the OUtput ?
Ans: Trivial, just we have to go through the code
ONe of the questions is to reverse the given number.
ie. given 3276 the pgm. will output 6723
13. ONe questions on CO, which is slight a lenghty one and I couldnt'
recollect the same.
14. Given Three trees and ONe sequence of alphabets, we are suppose
to find which operation was performed on the tress to get
that result. ie. either preorder, postorder or inorder.
Ans: To that question, all preorder
15. When the fn. is called where the return add. is stored?
ans. stack
16. What is the nece. for compiler to support recursion?
ans/ stack
There are five more questions which i could not recollect as of
now and mail you later.

Questions that are asked to me in the wipro info. interview.

1. What are the funs. of transport layer? What is TCP, UDP, their
differences .....
2. If you undelete a file in unix or dos can you recover it?
If you can how will you do it?
3. Write a pgm. to check whether given string is palindrome or not?
4. Which page replacement algo. is the best one? ie. the one which
will give less page faults, assuming cache memory is not there.
4. Do you know unix internals?
5. What is TSR ? Explain in little detail? HOw it is handled?
6. How to fine the size of the int without using size of operator?
ans. store -1 in that location so by two's complement all ones
will be stored in that location. Keep right shifting it
so zeros will be appened on the left. Once the location
is filled with all zeros, the number of shifts gives you
the size of that operator.
7. About ARP and RARP.
8. HOw parameter passing in C
9. What compiler actually does
Some more personal questions.

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