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Where will we give the option explicit keyword and for what?
In the general declarations section. To trap undeclared variables.

What is Friend Variable?
Scope sharable between projects.What is binding? What are types of binding?
Assigning variable with defined memory space. Late Binding - Memory size is allotted in later stage.
Ex:- Dim x as object
Early Binding - Memory size is allotted while declaring itself. New Key word is important.
Ex:- Dim x as New Object

What is the difference between Property Get, Set and Let.
Set ? Value is assigned to ActiveX Object from the form.
Let ? Value is retried to ActiveX Object from the form.
Get- Assigns the value of an expression to a variable or property.

What is Mask Edit and why it is used?
Control. Restricted data input as well as formatted data output.

Drag and Drop state numbers and functions.
State 0 ? Source control is being dragged with the range of a target.
1 ? Out of the range of a target.
2 ? One positon in the target to another.

What are the type of validation available in VB?
Field, Form

With in the form we want to check all the text box control are typed or not? How?
For each currentcontrol in controls if typeof currentcontrol is TextBox then end if next

What is control array and How many we can have it with in the form?
Group of control share the same name. Max 32, 767.What is the default model of the form? And what is it number?
VbModaless ? 0 (Zero) ? We can able to place another window above this form.

Suppose from form1 to form2 object property settings will arise to ?
Invalid procedure call or argument (Run time error ? 5)

What is the diff between the Std and Class Module?
Std Global with in the project. Cls Global through out the all project only thing is we want to set the type lib. Class Modules can be Instantiated.

Different type of Instantiation?
Private ? Only for the Specific Module.
Public not creatable ? Private & Public
Multi Use - Variable we have to declare.
Single Use ? Not possible through dll.
Global Multiuse ? Have variable not Required to
Declare. Global Single Use - Only for exe.

How to declare Dll Procedure?
Declare function "<Function Name>" lib "<Lib Name>" Alias "<Alias Name>" (Arg, ?..) as Return type.

What is MDI form? MDI Styles?
We can have only one MDI form for a project. Multiple Document Interface. This form type is VBModal. We have set the Child property of the forms to True to place forms inside this MDI.
Style availables 1. VbCascade 2. VbTitle Horizontal

How many images can be placed in the image list ?

Diff type of Datatypes?
LOB (Large Object Data type).
CLOB (Stores Character Objects).
BLOB ( Store Binary Objects such as Graphic, Video Chips and Sound files).
BFILE(Store file pointers to LOB It may Contain filename for photo?s store on CD_ROM).

What is Zorder Method?
Object.Zorder = 1 or 0 Place a Specified mdiform form or control at the front or back of the z-order with n its Graphical Level.

What is diff between the Generic Variable and Specific Variable?
Generic Variable:Create Object Ex:-Ole-Automation . No need refer the object library.
Specific Variable: Binding Procedure Early and Late Binding ( Can be Remove from the Memory).
What are properties available in Clip Board?
No Properties Available. Only the methods they are SetText, GetText, Setdata(), Getformat(), Clear.

What is Dll?
Libraries of procedure external to the application but can be called from the application.

What is Tabstrip control? What is the starting Index value? How to locate it?
It is tab control to place our controls with in the form in multiple sheets.
Index starts with 1. And to identify
If Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.Index = 1 Then
End if

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