(Paper) Virtusa Job Interview Placement Pattern, Chennai (March 2010)

Virtusa Job Interview Placement Pattern, Chennai (March 2010)

Company Name : Virtusa
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi guys,
Here I wont put any paper, but wish to discussed something about interview perspective, In every college interview first the average students placed mostly. Know that why it is? The reason is nothing its all about attitude, yes friends most of them only concentrate on preparing written test only. But when you cleared written your attitude only help to get a job.

Technical interview:
1-> when enter into the room, please keep smile and say good morning/afternoon loudly. Its shows your confidence to the technical person.
2-> after well seated (comfortable to sit in chair fully occupy the seat and bring ur body and head to Tech person)
3-> give ur full attention to interviewer that means u observing his eyes and what he/her try to say )
4-> eye contact is very important dont look side or any ware in the room (but in the first look u collect every info abt the room)
5-> dont tell i dont know, but use it in unavoidable situations only.

Tech: wt is doublely linked list?
[if u dont know doubly]
you: can I explain single linked list, bcoz I know more detail abt it compare than doubly
Tech: write prime series program in c++
[ifu dont know C++]
you: but am more comfortable with C, can I write that prg in C
Tech: how many byte for long integer? (in direct questions u don’t deviate)
you:sorry sir, I cant recollect it. or I don’t know

That is attitude. so always think and say positive not only in interview, in every ware every situation behave positive and use good positive words. if u are a negative personality u cant act as positive person during the interview, bcos interviewers easily find u out at the first sight on you.

Most HR very friendly with u so be confident with them, but always be aware wt u say, bcos they pick the next questions from ur previous answers so be careful.
DON’T tell lies within a second they find it ur telling truth or lie
HR: hai rajmohan
Me: good eve sir
HR: (silent 3 to 4 seconds)
Me: if I seat here I feel comfortable
HR: ya sit rajmohan
He look at my resume and give a bad expression
HR: wt rajmohan u got 49% in UG how can I select u ?

• Master of Computer Application (2007-2010) 79.3%
• B.Sc Mathematics (2004-2007) (Distance Education) 49.60%
• Diploma in Teacher Education(2004-2006) 80.25%
• HSC (2003-2004) 89%
• SSLC (2001-2002) 89.6%

Me: ya its correct, but I maintain good percentage in MCA ,10th,+2 sir…….
HR: mmm maths is basic for IT industries but u got very low mark in MATHS
Ok if u compromise me, I select u rajmohan
Me: after my +2 my family not well settled so I cant able join BE, so I joined teacher training, but I have passion abt technology so I parallely did BSC maths in distance education am studying two courses simultaneously so that only I got low mark in BSC.
HR: then how u studying MCA in private college?
Me: I got loan from bank sir
HR: OK rajmohan before enter to the company improve ur communication (bcos I have a poor English communication)
However I got a job reason is attitude, self confidence that’s all.

Some time in HR they ask puzzles very simple
But don’t shivering when they ask puzzles,.if u think, with in 1 mint surly u get answer
HR: how u find total number of blue colors car within a city?
Me: blue color car?
HR: yes man, tell me
Me: I think 30 to 45 seconds and suddenly strike out) in RTO office they maintain a database sir, so we get the info from that office.
HR: tell one more solution?
Me: sorry sir don’t know
HR: CAR dealers also have it. but ur answer is perfectly correct.

So friends do well in your interviews Be SELF CONFIDENT ,POSTIVE ATTITUDE,HARD WORK

Exam/Interview Date : 20-Mar-2010
No of Rounds : Screening Test, Technical Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Rajmohan