(Test Paper) UNIX Test Question Paper (MEMORY MANAGEMENT)

Paper : UNIX Test Question Paper (MEMORY MANAGEMENT)

1. What is the difference between Swapping and Paging?

2. What is major difference between the Historic Unix and the new BSD release of Unix System V in terms of Memory Management?

3. What is the main goal of the Memory Management?

4. What is a Map?

5. What scheme does the Kernel in Unix System V follow while choosing a swap device among the multiple swap devices?

6. What is a Region?

7. What are the events done by the Kernel after a process is being swapped out from the main memory?

8. Is the Process before and after the swap are the same? Give reason.

9. What do you mean by u-area (user area) or u-block?

10. What are the entities that are swapped out of the main memory while swapping the process out of the main memory?

11. What is Fork swap?

12. What is Expansion swap?

13. How the Swapper works?

14. What are the processes that are not bothered by the swapper? Give Reason.

15. What are the requirements for a swapper to work?

16. What are the criteria for choosing a process for swapping into memory from the swap device?

17. What are the criteria for choosing a process for swapping out of the memory to the swap device?

18. What do you mean by nice value?

19. What are conditions on which deadlock can occur while swapping the processes?

20. What are conditions for a machine to support Demand Paging?

21. What is ‘the principle of locality’?

22. What is the working set of a process?

23. What is the window of the working set of a process?

24. What is called a page fault?

25. What are data structures that are used for Demand Paging?

26. What are the bits that support the demand paging?

27. How the Kernel handles the fork() system call in traditional Unix and in the System V Unix, while swapping?

28. Difference between the fork() and vfork() system call?

29. What is BSS (Block Started by Symbol)?

30. What is Page-Stealer process?

31. Name two paging states for a page in memory?

32. What are the phases of swapping a page from the memory?

33. What is page fault? Its types?

34. In what way the Fault Handlers and the Interrupt handlers are different?

35. What is validity fault?

36. What does the swapping system do if it identifies the illegal page for swapping?

37. What are states that the page can be in, after causing a page fault?

38. In what way the validity fault handler concludes?

39. At what mode the fault handler executes?

40. What do you mean by the protection fault?

41. How the Kernel handles the copy on write bit of a page, when the bit is set?

42. For which kind of fault the page is checked first?

43. In what way the protection fault handler concludes?

44. How the Kernel handles both the page stealer and the fault handler?