Company Name : TITAN Industries Limited
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi Friends, I am From EEE DISCIPLINE of Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Sathyamangalam. 
Their recruitment process has the following stages: 

I] GENERAL APTITUDE TEST of 70 minutes duration. 

It fully contains the questions from number systems, Venn diagram, father son age problems like wise...frankly For general aptitude test just refer the MBA book (exactly don’t remember the book name: may be quantitative aptitude) written by Dinesh Kattar.while I was attending luckily I just prepared with that book alone. 

All the questions are the worked examples from that book covering most of the chapters which I had mentioned earlier. It starts with the very basic question like 
1) Which is the least prime no______? 
a) 3     b)     2     c) 5 

3 to 4 questions from ages, Venn diagram like that covered all. But all are very simple only friends. Then the main thing there will be Negative marking for any wrong answers. So just mark with care. 

II] TECHNICAL APTITUDE TEST of 60 minutes duration. 

It contains the questions from Basic Electricals, Electronics, machines, special machines, LIC and 3 questions from physics. (For electronics section you can refer BASIC ELECTRONICS by R.S.Sedha) For basic electrical just refresh in Fundamentals of electronic circuits by TERRELL. In basic electrical they concentrate fully on formulas regarding R,RL,RLC circuits and the rms value, peak value which you might have been studied in I year. Eg. 

1] What is the value of resistor which has colour coding red, yellow, and orange, colorless? 
a) 24K +/_10% 
b) 230K +/_5% 
c) 24K 
d) 24k +/_20% 

2] Which material gives red colour? 
a) gallium arsenide 
d) Note: just check the answers friends. 

3] what is Eccles Jordan circuit? 
a) Monostable multi vibrator 
b) Bistable multivibrator 
ans: b etc. . . 

III] G.D. In G.D.they expect ours to say some technical points related to topic.English fluency are not at all a problem. Mostly they didn't expect ours to speak in perfect English. They just see that whether you can grasp what others are saying and whether your speech will be understood by others. My topic was "using mobile phones in college is boon or ban". 

IV] Followed by PSYCHOMETRY Test. This test is just for formality.it contains some fourteen questions like.... 
1) what kind of environment you like... 
a) Moody 
b) healthy 
c) fresh 
d) energetic 

2) How about you in home... 
a) jovial 
b) tension 
c) serious...... But don't underestimate this test friend. It (Thomas profile-Psychometric test) may be seems to be silly for you now. But it plays the major role for you to put up in the particular department once you get in to the company. I too came to know about that only after get in to the company. Most of my colleagues just felt for this mistake only (work related to which disciplines you are from like EEE, mech, civil). 

Just tell which type of character you are. No one will be rejected in this round. Also they too did not tell anything. You can realize this session once you are attending the interview or after that while telling to u'r friends. Never ever underestimate this then it will lead you to feel in the future.... 

V] Followed by Technical cum HR round. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: In the Technical interview mainly I was asked from my area of interest (Digital logic circuits & Micro controller 805

1) which I had mentioned in my résumé. I was asked from some very basic things in microcontroller 8051.also they asked to draw and explain the architecture of 8051.then they had mainly concentrated in the mini projects which I had done in my 3rd year (Brake Failure Indicator). Then regarding HR questions they just tested the stress level by the question: “there is a girl whose father has died and you went for his condolescence on behalf of me (HR who had interviewed).how did you extend u'r supporting shoulders to her and in what way you react to console her. 

Also you never met her before that." Just tell how you console her. What you tell or do...... Finally they announced the results on the same day. They selected about 3 students from 74 candidates. 

SUGGESTION: Don’t mark all the answers in written test because it contains negative marks. Also in the final selection after interview they select based on your performance in written test, GD, pshycometry and behaviour in interview(more important : pshycometry plays a major role to put up you in department in company). 

Don’t be tensed while attending the interview. Because they will be very friendly with you guys. Also be confident on your self. Prepare well friends & u can surely become a “TITANian”! WISH YOU ALL THE BEST TO BECOME A TITANian.

Nos. of Rounds : 

  • Screeing Test

  • Techincal Round-1

  • Aptitude Test

  • Group Discussion - GD