(TIPS & TRICKS) Tips to Crack Infosys Test : Abhishek

(TIPS & TRICKS) Tips to Crack Infosys Test : Abhishek

hi all
this is abhishek
and here are tips to crack infosys test..

1. Study hard these books: more puzzles, puzzles to puzzle u and george summeres puzzles and teasers. Also solve infosys papers..

2. The questions come from shakuntala devi are easy and for less marks

3. The questions come from george summeres are for higher mark and hard

4. The test is of 50+50 marks
50 for aptitude and
50 for english

5. Time is total 90 min
60 for aptitude 10 questions
30 for english 50 or 30 questions

6. first u get aptitude paper and when time finishes they take the q.paper and give the english q.paper

7. The main thing u must do is
if u are less in time
in last five min copy questions to ur ans. paper
and after the time (90min) is over solve those remaining questions.
bcause they take long time to check the forms and collecting the papers

Note: try to sit as far as in sitting arrangements so u will get extra time for these papers the interviews r on next day of exam..

i just failed because of time gamble

all the best for future...


hi abhishek,

I wanna know from where shall I get previous years paper of INFOSYS
please help.


I remember some questions of Infosys Logic paper.

1. A group of friends went to a hotel for Dinner. After having their dinner the Bill Amount was of Rs 2400. So they decided to distribute it into equal amount for each. In the group two friends forget to bring their purses along with them. So later on it has been decided that Rs 100 has to be paid more by the other friends on calculated amount. So total how many friends were there in the Group?

2. Ashwani you remember the problem which we had solved in tution, question was Find out who is guilty one? - same problem we had in Infy paper but only the name were changed like Al, Don, .....

3. Again same one ... There is in previous question paper ..like..Yesterday my pocket was full of money, so I decided to eat some chocolates. Then I ate 5 chocolates and gave half of remaining to other... Same problem only the name n figures were changed ..

Eg. )
I ate 5 chocolates and gave half of remaining to others.
Then I ate 7 chocolates and gave half of remaining to others.. so on..

4. There was problem on Temperature of two System A and System B. I could not solve this because I didn t get the question but my friends were saying me that this problem is there is previous Infy paper just go through it.. and download atleast 10 papers from freshwersworld.com and just go through it don t try to solve them all because all question are incomplete. Just see the pattern of question paper that will help you a lot..

5. Find out who s cap, tie, gloves and shirt... There were four names like john.. n all I don t remember now but the same problem is there in previous paper..

Jayesh will not get Corolla unless Ramesh wont get BMW.
Rahul will Maruti unless Akash wont get Ford Icon..
Same problem just names are changed rest all is same..

6. One problem on Who is Victim.. very famous one.. it is there in previous paper... question was like find out who is victim, Judge, policeman, murderer n etc.....

7. There were two series problem like

3,6,13,26,33,46,... I don t remember exact one ..

8. In a cycle competition race there were one third of people behind me n two third of people in front of me ..so find out total how many people are there in race including me..

English paper was easy just five words were very tough I think nobody could solve those one..... Rest all is fine...

Regarding the Interview :-

Only I suggest be cool in your interview and just think n answer don t be in hurry to reply the question. One more important thing always keep smile on your face while answering the questions asked by the interviewer.

Just remember be Cool and Confident at the time of your interview.

My question were like:-
1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. Who all are there in your family?

3. What are your Strength s in your life?

4. Suppose for time being, just imagine I will magic on yourself so that you will go back in your previous time and what thing would you like to change in yourself for your better prospectus and better opportunity?

5. Which was your most emotional day or moment in your life?

6. Tell me something that you had done some work for your friends or any other ? --- this question was asked immediately after when I said my strength s are like I
am good helper towards who need it. ?

7. finally they asked me would u like to ask us something?

what were ur answers sir...???