(Paper) Thirdware Solution Placement paper Pattern

Paper : Thirdware Solution Placement paper Pattern


It had 2 rounds of the Test
1] Aptitude 30 questions in 30 mins.
2] Technical questions 45 mins.

Aptitude is very easy just refer RS AGARWAL and other placement companies papers. Major focus on LOGIC & MATHEMATICS so do well. Very tricky questions and may be funny too.

In logical reasoning determine the pattern, and other small questions
in maths series, questions on speed distance and time, loss profit, ratio proportion, and many other.

In technical papers
1/4 page
1- Advantages and Disadvantages of Normalization
2- Pros & Cons of Indexing in Tables
3- Explain Outter Join Concept.
4- Explain Locking Mechanism should be provided on multiuser using same database.

2/4 page
1- write query about no of cars sold from the database table containing no of fields like cars_name, car_model, car_make, price, customer_name, manufacturer's name etc.

2- write query again here they provided with some data how it should display the output acc we have to write the query
and also given 2 tables on which query has to be written . Little bit tough. but ok. with some one good in SQL QUERY WRITTING

1- provided with the case study and along with it we have to design the tables and show ER diagram and no. of screens for entry. It was regarding company want to store employees current and previous salary along with the different job locations in their different branches. It was easy.

4/4 page
1- Write 5 steps required for Application Design Stage.(theoretical) decide front end & back end, explain about prototype, and write what you know about design phase in software engineering.

after completing Aptitude, and technical I had big long wait and then had 2 combined interviews about
(TAKE HR SERIOUSLY) At last i got a job.