(Paper) Telco Papers Pattern (Technical & Aptitude)

Telco Papers Pattern (Technical & Aptitude)


(Answers are written in brackets)

1)Rating of 3phase domestic supply(440v,50 Hz.)

2)What is pulse width modulation

3)Use of 8279 chip

4)Which of these is used as interface with IBM pc(RS232)

5)A circuit was given and was asked to find current through 10 ohm resistor(0A as it was a balanced wheatstone circuit)

6)which of these material is widely used in IC fabrication(silicon)

7)which one is measured by moving coil(rms value,check the answer----not sure)

8)forward bias voltage drop across LED(1.4v)

9)true rms value is find for(answer is either sinusoidal or periodic-----see it)

10)auxillary carry is used for(BCD arithmatic)

11)power factor is improved by(synchronous motor)

12)Which connection is used for industrial application(3phase star connection)

13)a circuit was given series rlc circuit, to find whether it is leading or lagging(leading)

14)method used for PCB fabrication(grinding)

15)transfer function was given, to find the phase shift(0 as the no. of zeroes were equal to no. of poles=2)

16)which motor has starting torque(series)

17)which motor is used for lathe(squirrelcage induction motor------ but check about stepper motor also)

18)which of these cannot be done in transformer(frequency conversion)

19)distribution transformer load is connected in(star)

20)which line is used for fax(telephone line)

21)why multiplexing of address and data bus is done(less numbr. of pins)

22)which of these method is not used for finging stability of system(shemann method)

23)maximum value that can be displaced by 3 1/2 LED(1999)

24)supply voltage changed from v to v/2 then change in speed, means find speed corresponding to v/2 voltage,given speed corresponding to v voltage for motor

25)if emf induced from Eb1 to Eb2 then change in speed of motor

26)to find the openloop transfer function of a system figure was given which had feedback(there seems some error in question so we find the closedloop transfer function,




2.A square is inscribed in a circle , radius of the circle is 'a'.Area of the square=

3.The angle of a triangle is 1:2:2 then the triangleis 


4.X's salary is 150% of Y, and Z's salary is 75% of Y, their total salary is


5.g[x]=1+x/2, then value of g[2x] in terms of g[x] is

6.If X<Y ,which of the following is greater than X and less than Y


7. For the sequence 4,8,6,18,15,.....,the next number is

8.to find the relationship between X & Y for the given value 


9.(X*) is the largest integer but less than X.find the value of (5.2*) + (4*)-(2*)=?


10. Series of An is given by (An-1)^3,if first value of An is 1 find the series up to four steps


11.Simple questions based time and distance

12.In a city 90% people has car, 15% has motorcycle, 100% has car or motorcycle then how many of them have only car and motorcycle.

13.Two problems are based upon coding

14.There was a short passage giving clue of sequence of different items eg. lathe , compressor... Six problems are based upon their positions (reasoning)

15.One reading comprehension was given of which atleast 7 to 8 questions were asked.

There are two sections each containg 40 questions.One arthematic  and another is reasoning. In arthematic 11 are data sufficiency and 8 are  anology.In reasoning all are puzzle type. Probably he rejects very few from test , since after that GD follows. Any I am sending some q's as for as my rememberance.


1) Hypothesis :problem (below 4 he will give)

2) Mirror:Image






8)1/3,1 1/3,3,5 1/3, next

9)Selling price of 4 articles=Cost price of 3 articles then %loss(ans. 25%)

10)|x-3|=3-x then x=

11)data sufficiency p>q?
1)p,q positive
This type you can see in GMAT book.


1) ABCDEF attended for an interview, in which 3 were selected A is worst of the lot C got equal marks as F(C=F)  D<F and G E is not selected   B>C
There are 5 questions below this.

2)There are 7 fellows sat in the following way C and F always sit as a apart as follows No. of fellows sat b/w c and D and D and F are equal like that he has given 
Ans: Order is as follows C E B D A G F by using this you can answer all

About 4 to 5 are there

3)ABCDE are five brothers. There are twins(only one pair of equal age) both are neither younger nor older. D is younger to 3 brothers. B is older than E and C. q's like who is youngest? Eldest ? About 4 are there.

4)A person has meet a king for that ha has to cross 7 gates. At each gate he  has to pay half the amount he is carrying. Finally he gave Rs 3/- to the  king. Then the amount he carried at the beginning and some questions  (about 5)like that.

5) Heros tell truth and cowards lie.There PQR three persons. P tells Q "I  may be hero or I may be coward". Q tells R "P was telling that he was  coward. Then R tells Q "P was not a coward but he was a hero". You better  study the question it may not be entirely correct. In thus 3 q"s are there