(Paper) Telco Papers Pattern (Technical & Aptitude)

Telco Papers Pattern (Aptitude & Technical)




2.A square is inscribed in a circle , radius of the circle is 'a'.Area of the square=

3.The angle of a triangle is 1:2:2 then the triangle is

4.X's salary is 150% of Y, and Z's salary is 75% of Y, their total salary is

5.g[x]=1+x/2, then value of g[2x] in terms of g[x] is

6.If X<Y ,which of the following is greater than X and less than Y

7. For the sequence 4,8,6,18,15,.....,the next number is

8.to find the relationship between X & Y for the given value

9.(X*) is the largest integer but less than X.find the value of (5.2*) + (4*)-(2*)=?

10. Series of An is given by (An-1)^3,if first value of An is 1 find the series up to four steps 

11.Simple questions based time and distance

12.In a city 90% people has car, 15% has motorcycle, 100% has car or motorcycle then how many of them have only car and motorcycle.

13.Two problems are based upon coding

14.There was a short passage giving clue of sequence of different items eg. lathe , compressor... Six problems are based upon their positions (reasoning)

15.One reading comprehension was given of which atleast 7 to 8 questions were asked.

Technical Paper of Electrical and Electronics

1.(s+a)(s+b)/(s+c)(s+d) at what phase diff. freq tends to infinity

2. least power is consumed in ttl,cmos etc

3.which of the following represents an integrater there were four fig. having opamp and arrangement of capacitors and resistors

4.the resolution of adc depends on add line,data line,clock,none of these

5.the speed of microprocessor depends on add line data line clock none

6.the motor is started in star and run at delta to ans reduce rush in current

7.best speed regulation in dc motor series shunt universal none

8.ques on emitter follower calculation and its input resistance

9.its output resistance

10.ques on feedback amplitude

11.input impedence of opamp is high low

12.16 bit add line may address how many locations

13.two ques on simple resistance calculations

14.a ckt is given containing a battery resistance and inductor find steady state current

15.ques on ttl cmos rtl and dtl comparison

16.which is used for power factor improvement and synchronus motor

17.induction motor running on no load has and low power factor

18.speed of induction motor can be controlled by voltage,freq,both,none

19.igbt is ans power amplifier

20.one ques on bridge rectifier

21.the logic value 1 of ttl is some voltage (1.7,.8 etc)