(Paper) Telco Aptitude Papers Pattern

Telco Aptitude Papers Pattern


1. a long expression 164m2n2+????+300n+225.what is the square root of this expression.
Ans. (a)

2.In a town there are 3 clubs A,B and C having 40,50 and 60 members. 10 people are members of all clubs.70 people are members of only one club.and all people are members of at least one club.find how many people are members of exactly two clubs.

3.Two persons are walking towards each otherand then back to there original places.. One is at A and and the other is at B. they meet first time at a distance of 12 km from B and while returning they meet at a distance of 6 km from A.find the distance AB. .
ans. 30.

4. value of . 
Ans. 3.

5.one question based on the formula V2-U2=2aS.
Ans. -1.6m/s2.

6. pick the odd one out: (a)bull (b)mule(c) bear (d) stag.
Ans. Mule.

7. analogy ? sly:fox:: fast:?.
Ans. Cheetah.

8. find thw word which has the meaning : without fear of punishment.
Ans. Impunity.

9. Astranaut:cosmonaut::?: ?
find thw pair which has opposite meaning to the given pair.
Ans. (c)aviator:navigator.

10.n is the no. of copies in each book. b is the no. of books. nb<200. if n is decreased by b increases by 3. what is the value of nb?

11.there was a problem on clock. The clock shows 12:30p.m. on march 1. it stops for I min after each hour. What is the actual time whan the clock shows 12:30 p.m.on march 3.

12. There are 3 letters and 3 envelopes. In how many ways one can send 1 letter wrong. Ans. None of these. ( DO NOT WASTE TIME ON SOLVING THIS QUESTION.)

13.2<=x<=4, and 1<=y<=3. Max and min value of y/x.
Ans. Max 4, min 2/3.

4-5 questions were on assertion reasoning. One question is given. Two sentences are given. Then 4 choices. A if only one statement is needed to answer the question.etc.
the following 3 questions are of assertion reasoning type.

14.f(x)=2ax2+bx-c. dy/dx=some value(given I forgot). Find b.

15.(p-x)/(q+x)=2. (p?)/(q+x)= some value. 
Ans. (d) none of these.

16.There are four consecutive even integers. Their average is 12. can u find the no.s then two statements which I have forgotten.

17.There was a reading comprehension. One question was to give a suitable title for the passage.
There were 3 other questions from the same passage.

21..Data interpretation. there was a bar chart given for the production and consumption of oil of 6 or 7 countries. There were 6 questions based on the chart.i don?t remember the questions exactly. But I remember the ans of some which I am giving.
Ans of first question was 3/2.
Ans of 2nd ques was 40.
Ans of 4th was finland.

27. unit of luminous intensity.
Ans candela.

28.Find the value of [(1/99)3+(1/100)3+(1/101)3-3*(1/99)*(1/100)*(1/101)]/[(1/99)2+(1/100)2+(1/101)2-(1/99)*(1/100)-(1/100)*(1/101)-(1/101)*(1/99)]

ans. (1/100)+(1/99)+(1/101).

28. A and B together do a work in 10 days. A is paid thrice than B. Equal wage is given for equal work. Then in how many days B can do the work alone?
Ans. 40 days.

29. Subhas works 2 hrs. and Kiran works 5 hrs then half the work is completed. Then they work together for 3 hrs. then 1/20 of the work remains to be done. Then how much time will they take to complete the work alone?
Ans. Subhas ? 6hrs. KIran - 15 hrs.

Then there were 6 questions on analytical reasoning. There is an island named kya kya. There only two kinds of people live one who ( aisa hi kuch tha bahut hi bakwas tha. Kuch samajh nahin aaya tah.) for this the BRM (ims) may be helpful.

I am not able to recall rest of the questions.

Now the technical part. I am giving the mechanical paper.

The first three ques were on calculation of fits and tolerances
1.calculate basic deviation.
2.maximum clearance.
3.tolerance in clearance.
The dimensions for shaft and hole were given in a picture.(FOR THESE QUESTIONS SEE THE CHAPTER DEALING WITH TOLERANCES IN V B Bhandari or KHURMI GUPTA)

4. The key used in slot is which fit?
(a)interference, (b)shrink (c)clearance. I don?t know the ans.

5. What is the function of MIR command in CNC machine?
Ans. To give mirror image along a particular axis.

6. What is the part in CNC machine which gives the exact position of the x and y coordinates.? 
Ans. Interpolater.

7. in an anthromorphic robot there are three motions of the wrist roll, yaw and pitch.
Determine which one is along x axis, which along y axis and which along z axis.

There was a diagram of the cutting tool showing the shear angle and the rake angle.
8. what is the angle α? Ans. Rake angle. (THE ANGLE IS GIVEN AS α AND NOT γ. SO DO NOT CONFUSE IT WITH THE CLEARANCE ANGLE.)

9. what is the formula of the chip reduction coefficient?
Ans. Cos(β-α)/sinβ.

10. the order of cope , drag and cheek in the process of moulding.
(a) drag,cope,cheek (b) cope, cheek, drag. Etc. ans. Don?t know.

11. non consumable electrode id used in which welding?
Ans. TIG welding.

12.In power plant, nuclear plant and space ship what is the method used for maintanence?
(a) breakdown maintenance (b) preventive maintenance.
Ans is most probably (a).

13. Internal gear cannot formed by?(a) shaping (b)broaching (c) milling
Ans. Shaping.

14. Feed is not associated with any type of motion in which process?
Ans. Broaching.

15. The no. of teeth in a milling cutter is 8. the feed per teeth is 0.1 mm. The cutter speed is 150 rpm. What is the table speed? 
Ans. 8*0.1*150=120mm/min. 

16. If aspect ratio of something is more than 50 i.e. length>50*diameter, then by which method will u make the object?
(a) drill with 1 mm diameter.
(b) laser machining.
(c) ultrasonic machining.
Ans. (b)

17.Match the following.
Isochoric throttling
Isentropic slow movement of piston in a cylinder.
Isobaric closed cylinder.
Isothermal etc.
Don?t remember the answer.

18.The pitch of a screw in an interpolator is 2 mm. the thread is double start. And there are 200 holes. Find the BLU.
Ans. (2*2)/200 = 20 micrometers.

19. Then a question on double acting compressor.

There were some questions on assertion reasoning. Two statements are given .
Then mark (a) if A and R are both correct and R is the correct explanation for it.
I remember only two questions from there.

20. This question was regarding the insulation on a cylinder. Whether it has some critical radius for minimum heat transfer.

21. A bob is hung with a thread from the ceiling. Another bob moving at speed in x direction hits it. Then R . the momentum of both bobs is conserved in x direction. 
A. Kinetic energy of both bobs is conserved.

22. At the point of contact in the meshing of two gears what is same?
(a) angular velocity (b) linear speed etc.
Ans. (b).