(Paper) TATA Motors Latest Campus Recruitment Pattern November 2010

TATA Motors Latest Campus Recruitment Pattern November 2010

Company Name : TATA Motors
Type :
Fresher, Job Interview

Questions asked during campus recruitment for TATA Motors;

Aptitude section.
1. Read the following passage and answer the following questions. The passage was about fifteen lines and the subject was about geography, related to volcanoes. There were five questions to be answered.
2. A Venn diagram giving details of no of people speaking three different languages was given.
No of people who speak two languages, no of people speaking only one language and no of people speaking all three languages had to be  found from the diagram.

3. A statement is given. Three sentences related to the given statement are given below it. We need to identify sentences giving the fact, judgment, inference and arrange them in the order asked .ex if three sentences are a, b, c if fact is b, judgment is c and inference is a . Arranging in the order of fact, judgment, inference then option to be chosen from the four options is bca.

4. Two problems on probability.

5. Meaning of the word-ABEYANCE.

6. Odd man out type of question.

7. Problem on pipes and reservoir, how long it takes to fill or empty type of question.

8. Problems on permutation. Ex: A L L A H A B A D, how many words can be formed keeping first and last letter fixed.


Technical questions:
1. In an opposed cylinder the pistons are located
ans. opposite to each other.

2. Which one of these is a fissionable material

3. Killing of steel refers to
ans. Addition of Si and Al to deoxidize.

4. In VCR cycle dry saturated vapor is found at.

5. Addition of carbon to iron makes it
ans. Hard and gives coarse microstructure.

6. Normalizing process is carried to?

7. Which type of pump is used to pump liquid metal in fast breeder reactor?

8. What would happen to the environment outside if you left refrigerator door open.

9. What is the function of a control rod.

HR and Technical interview questions.
1. Tell me about yourself
2. Questions on hobbies and interests written in your resume. Ex: latest nokia phone model, assault rifles, procedure for preparing tea,
3. What is Dharwad famous for?
4. Which is your favourate subject in the current semester and questions based on it.
Questions on IC engines ..
5. How can exhaust gases be utilized,
6. What is the efficiency of a general petrol engine,
7. How does the combustion process occur in a diesel engine,
8. What is the temperature of exhaust gases.
9. What is the function of gear box.
10. Wankel engine. Why it is named so.
11. Why is Sirsi famous for? Which is the best grade of banana Available.
12. What is the least count of vernier calipers, micrometer screw gauge.
13. Which is the strongest material?
14. Which material undergoes creeping at room temperature?
15. What is the diameter of the dome of Gol Gumbaz.
16. What is the difference between fission and fusion?
17. Why is transmission necessary in automobiles?
18. What is strain gauge and what is its principle.
19. What method is used to find hardness of elastic material.
20. Questions on projects done.
21. Why did you choose mechanical engineering?
22. Draw the block diagram of a closed loop s/m
23. What re the methods to lock a nut.
24. Which material is used in refrigerator wall for insulation
25. Whats your height, weight and do you have sight?
26. Draw the profile of spring washer.

Questions are based on applications and real world applications.

1. introduction about yourself
2. family details
3. favorite subject(tell the subject which you think you are perfect in and be ready to face all type of questions regarding that subject)
4. Working of entire suspension system.
5. detailed difference between petrol and diesel engine
6. about CRDI AND MPFI
7. why wasn’t MPFI introduced before carburetor
8. working of flywheel
9. Questions on inertia forces, kinetic energy, Newton’s laws in detail.
10. properties of fuel
11. What happens to the angle of vision of a passenger (driver) in a vehicle with the increase in speed of the vehicle?
12. whether a person has mass or weight
13. emission products from vehicle, emission norms in India
14. firing order of four cylinder engine
15. Carnot and sterling cycles
16. Which vehicle is more stable f1 car or passenger car? Why?
17. questions on your project, achievements

Strengths and weakness(don’t just write it for the sake of writing, prepare yourself to justify your strengths and weakness with proper example or situation which exhibit them)
They check candidates attitude with non technical casual questions(based on resume and in general)

1. 5 Marathi, 3 English, 3 Hindi books have to be arranged such that the books of same language remain together always. In how many ways can this be arranged? (permutation and combination)
2. meaning of words – HOMILY, FUDDLE, ABHOR ETC
3. If fridge is kept open in a room what happens to the room temperature?
4. what is pig iron
5. 4-5 questions on metallurgy
6. What change can be observed in the combustion chamber when there is detonation?
7. passage reading (ten questions)
8. questions on time and distance, time and work
9. questions on probability

Exam/Interview Date : 30-Nov-2009
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Contributor Name : Pavan