(Paper) THOROGOOD Job Interview Pattern (Apptitude & Technical )?

Paper : THOROGOOD Job Interview Pattern (Apptitude & Technical ) 

Type : Fresher job  interview

(a):The test is full and full of logical thinking.. (paragraph type questions) . -> consists of 6 questions in general apti..
this question was like , conducting a science exhibition and some 6 students have got prizes for their projects. They wil some clue.. have to find out the student won which place and wat project they did. It carries 10 marks i suppose.. Most of the questions were of similar type..
2. graph predications
3. One question (apti) consisting of sub divisions.. a. train sum b. find out the average weight of the student. 
1. the average of the students and the teacher weighs 53 kg. 
2. the teacher weighs 72 kg.

consider four even consecutive integer.. the largest no would be.. have to say whether the answer could be predicted with one statement or with both and so on.. along with the answer determined.

(b):Competency test:
This test is just how we think on certain situations. there were 6 quiz.. 
1. Suppose you planned for an holiday trip.. you booked and reserved a jungle resort.. when u and ur frends were on d midway and one of ur frend suddenly showed the map and located one place to go?? some frends want to go with him.. rest of the frends doesnt have any idea? what would be your decision and why??
2. in what way u would be committed to some thing and why?? 
3. What would make you to give up your task that you are working on?? and so on ... 

Contributor Name : Sandhiya