(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern at Infocity Gandhinagar

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern at Infocity Gandhinagar


Myself KHYATI PANCHAL, a student of SVIT VASAD studying in 6th Sem ELECTONICS AND COMMUNICATIONS. I was really very passionate about TCS so I worked really very hard to get job at TCS. So first of all I want to share with u all about my aptitude exam.


The test is taken online. For this aptitude plz refer R S AGARWAL (QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE) and also VERBAL AND NON - VERBAL SECTION. Mainly for maths part refer the last years papers it would be quite helpful for u.


Our technical interview was at INFOCITY GANDHINAGAR. I was the third candidate for the interview. I was interviewed by two of the panels.

first of all they asked me to introduce myself.

Then they asked me about my project which I had done on DEW GUARD.

Also asked me to explain about my seminar on INTERRELATIONSHIP BETWEEN REMOTE SENSING AND GIS.
Then they tested my knowledge on programming side i.e. C and C++. I was not so sure about the program but my logic was good. then they asked me about difference between C and C++.

So my interview was over after 15-20 minutes. After that I got my results within 10 minutes. At 11:30 am I was relieved by knowing that I have cleared the technical interview.  


Our HR interview was going to start at 2:30 pm but due to some reasons it started at 4:45pm. But my HR interview was really very cool and calm. They made me quite comfortable and thus asked me about my hobbies and my liking to join TCS. Then I was also asked the meaning of my name. And so it was really a very good experience. But they didnt declared the results on that day. They told us that they would send it to our college. Next day when we moved to college we all were very desperate to know our results. Finally our HOD came at 1:30pm and announced the results. So at last my passion my hard work and also last but not the least by GOD's grace I achieved my goal at TCS.

Finally now I m selected for TCS. Plz do HARD WORK and have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE which would help u a lot.