(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern (Technical Interview)

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern (Technical Interview)

TCS came to my college on 28 Mar. After clearing the written exam, I have my interview done at 9 PM. My interview last for 45 minutes. The questions that are asked are:

1. Tell me about the project you have done in BCA? 

(My project was build on Visual Basic and Oracle as Back End)

2. Write the code for connectivity between VB and Oracle?

3. The interviewer asket me to write a program from C++ in inheritance (He had given me a fig. and told me to write the program based on that fig. It was based on virtual class concept)

4. After writing the program he asked why I used virtual in the program.

5. How a compiler works in a C++ program?

6. What is the output of program after compilation?

(I replied the object Code)

7. Have you seen the object code?

(I said no)

8. what is preprocessor directive?

9. Where Inline function is used?

10. What is # ifendif?

11. Which of the following is right:  int a,*p;  *b=a;  &b=&a;

12. Difference between calloc and Malloc?

13. Time complexity of mearge sort.

15. What type of pointer does malloc returns?

16. What main returns?

17. Syntax of malloc function.

18. what is typecasting?

19. What is pipelining?

20. Friends Do well prepare for different UNIX command, they often ask it.

21. What is Semaphore?

22. Where is semaphore used?

23. How can we prevent Deadlock?

24. What is program complexity?

(I said I dont know it)

25. What is Fan In in DFD?

26. What is differnce between unique key and Primary Key?

27. What is diffent between NULL and SPACE?

28. The interviewer had given me two table and ask me to write a query on it.(He had confused me by giving me two table, the query only requires one table.)

29. In which language COMMIT is? (Either in DDL,DML,DCL)

30. What is cartisian Product?

31. What is Outer Join?

My result was out at 12 that night. I was Selected. OK Friends, prepare Well.