(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern (OOPs Concept, HR)

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern (OOPs Concept, HR)


TCS was the first comapny to come in this academic year in our insti..n I got selected (Yo!). The tests were really easy...had just gone through the last years papers...that was enuf...In addition u can refer to
1. Barrons 12th edition (must) for antonyms, RC and MODEL TEST PAPERS(5)
2. Any good book for quant like RS Agarwal (optional) and do chapters like series, etc...Thats it..ur prepared for the tests..

In the Interviews they really make u wait for ur turn...DO NOT LOSE UR TEMPER.. One is TECH interview n the other one is HR..

1. In the
Technical one..they can ask u C/C++/JAVA or any other language u have learned...if ur not in computer stream...they still ask u wat u have prepared for this interview...guys its best to have an overview of C/C++...n thats it..u can do it from Balaguruswamy..Just go thru the main chapters like

Intro-Basics of OOPS




They don't expect u to give the correct syntax...only the algo is sufficent...practise some basic progs like prime number identification.. palindromes, pyramid patterns, etc

Secondly u must know the basics of YOUR OWN DISCIPLINE..guys from streams other than cse..they always have ec, eic, eee, chem n civil engrs with them...but they don know bout their fields in depth....REMEMBER--This is the part where most rejections are made...

Thirdly they can also give u puzzles..like if u cut a cone 1/3rd of its height...how much volume wil reduce.. or if u have 3 tumblers of 8ltrs, 5ltrs, 3ltrs and intiially u have 8l one filled to its quantity with water..then measure exactly 4ltrs without draining away from tumblers..

n things like that....They might also ask u y u r shifting to IT sector from ur field...Depeneds on ur panel...

2. The third round of
HR Interview is quite simple...Rejections are rarely made here only when u do a big blunder...nai to 95% ur in if u reach here...
Simple round...lasts for around 15-20 min...
They can ask u anything in the world...Be prepared for questions like

    * SWOT questions ie Strengths Weaknesses Opportunity Threat

    * Again...Why IT? Why have u underestimated opportunities in ur own field?

    * Why should we take u?

    * Ultimate Goal? How do u plan to achieve it?

    * Hobbies n interests...Make sure u have every knowledge on ur hobby...THey really catch u here...

    * DO NOT BLUFF..If ur not a regular newspaper reader..Say No if they ask bout newspapers..or say not quite often...

Interviews basicaly focus on ur way of presenting ur answers and not the accuracy of the answers...