(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 at University of Hyderabad

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 at University of Hyderabad

Hi, TCS visited HCU (University of Hyderabad) campus on 17th of June. Online test was conducted on 17th and interviews were conducted on 18th. There were three components to it. Technical, MR, HR.
Whatever experience I am sharing here was part of my selection process. It is not necessary that they will follow strictly the same procedure elsewhere, they followed for me.

Online Aptitude test :
go through previous years TCS papers given in various websites related to campus placements.

Verbal : Toughest section is verbal. You will not have enough time to finish if you dont manage your time efficiently (20 mins only).

Quantitative : Do how many ever you can. Most of them are quite easy.

Analytical reasoning : They are from GRE Barrons 12th edition. For heaven sake dont try to mug the answer options in the order like "DADB".  solve them and if u cant then try remembering the answers..


Technical :

1. Whatever is your discipline, they will ask most of the questions on that.
2. Programming skills are tested to some extent. (Whatever one puts in his/her resume - Please no exaggeration while preparing the Resume)
3. Projects are given importance If you have them you better be prepared to answer any damn thing from that.

MR Interview:

1. You will be tested on your presentation skill. (e.g. I was given a topic and I was asked to prepare a presentation on that) 
2. Personality traits can be tested from the answers you give to some of the questions they ask
3. Technical questions are also asked in this round.

HR Interview :

1. Confidence in yourself when you are answering matters the most.
2. Answer diplomatically. Never give an answer that will put you in further trouble. (Can expext few cross questions depending on your answer to previous question)
3. Never give an impression that you want the job desperately  (even though you may be wanting.. )
4. Try not to get into argumentative mode when conversing with the HR. You need to be patient and listen to what the other person is saying before you answer.