Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (S I T, TUMKUR)

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (S I T, TUMKUR) 

This is Debashis Dan of CSE from Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur, near Bangalore. TCS came to our college on 2nd, 3rd April.

Total no of eligible candidates : 509
Cleared written : 284
Finally selected : 195

Eligibilty criteria in our college : 60% in 10th, 12th, engg.. 2 current backlogs allowed.
Pay : 3.15 lacs per annum

The aptitude test was online. Consisting of 3 sections:

Verbal :

10 synonyms, 10 antonyms , 12 sentence completions.

TOTAL TIME : 20 mins

Some of the words i remember are : (inclusive of synonyms n antonyms)


garrulos:- talktive(syn)

Suggestion : For this section do all previous year TCS words. But this is not always enough, coz i got some difficult words other than these which were not there in previous year papers. if u've time, better do the wordlists (750 words or so) from barrons... i mean the exercises given.

Sentence completion consisted of 2 passages :
Passage 1: relating to dust harming machines in a factory & its adverse effect on our health...
Passage 2: Investing in shares...

Here there was blanks in the passage where we had to insert the appropriate sentence from the list of given options. Each passage had 6 such blanks to be filled.

Suggestion : My sincere suggection is dont waste more than 4 - 5 minutes on synonyms n antonyms. coz, sentence completion takes a hell lotta time as all the options given are nearly similar n confusing. But u can easily score well in this sent comp part if u do carefully.

Quantitative : 32 questions, 40 mins

Suggestion : For this part do prev year papers very well. almost 90% common questions came. some questions had the data a bit changed.
some which i remember are :

1. whats the largest prime no. that can b stored in an 8-bit memory?

2. In the word SENSATIONAL 1st letter is interchanged with 2nd, 3rd with 4th, 5th with 6th and so on. what is the 10th letter ?

3. In a 2D array, X(9,7) with each element occupying 2 bytes of memory, find the address of X(8,5). Given address of X(1,1) is 3000.

4. Select odd one out : Windows NT, Linux, C++, (some other operating system.. cant recall its name)

5. Select odd one : 


6. A man n child can do a work in 6 days. Man can alone do it in 24 days. How long will the child take?

7. Convert 342 (in decimals) to base 5.

8. No. of faces, vertices n edges of a cuboid is : ?

9. If M denotes modulus, R denote round off, T denote truncation, the find the value of :

      M(373,5) + R(3.4) + T(7.7) + R(5.8)

10. G(0) = -1, G(1) = 1, G(n) = G(n-1) + G(n-2). then G(5) = ?

11. At a particular place the temperature varies as t^2/2 + 8t + 3. where t is elapsed time. find the temp differnce between 6 pm and 9 pm.

12. which of these set of angles doesnt represent a triangle :

a) 90,60,30
b) 50,100,30
c) 67,22, 90

13. which is a power of 2 among the following :

b) 2048

14. A, B and C are given as :

A = 11011011
B = 01111010
C = 01101101

Find the decimal equivalent value of (AUB)^C where ^ denotes Intersection

15.A, B,C are mechanisms used separately to reduce fuel wastage by 30%, 20 % and 105. what'll b the fuel economy if they were used combined?

16. If $ means tripling and % means change of sign, then find the value of :

%$%9 - $%$9

17. some questions with venn diagram where people speaking hindi, english & bengali were given. 3 questions were asked like how many speak hindi and not english, how many total people were there etc...

18. 3 questions were given on data interpretation using a bar chart nad a pie chart.

Critical reasoning : 3 passages, 12 questions, 30 minutes

Suggestion: Do all the 250 critical reasoning passages from barrons 12th or 13th edition model test papers 1 to 5. u'll get 100% common questions. names may be changed...

my passages were:

1. armenian, latin, celtic language courses......
2. Big university,small college 3 member team. 2 representatives of the big university.....
3. seating arrangement....

its observed, they always give 2 easier and one harder critical reasoning passage.

HEY GUYS, IF U HAVE AN ONLINE TEST, & IF AFTER THE EXAM YOUR PSYCHOMETRIC WINDOW OPENS UP ON THE SCREEN BE ALMOST SURE THAT U HAVE CLEARED THE APTITUDE TEST. otherwise also u can get selected depending on relative performance, but this is an almost instant indication...


1. tell me something about urself...

me : am from kolkata,.. schooling... extra currics... various organizations tht am a member of in college... course in fine arts... fav subjects... He stopped me mid-way

2. how'll u insert an item in a doubly linked list?

3. diff between doubly n singly linked list

4. tell me about the complexity of bubble sort n explain bubble sort method

5. tell me about ur project. ( mine was 2-pass assembler)

6. wht happens in these 2 passes?

7. U r given a number X, u've to divide it by 256 without using any arithmetic operator. how'll u do it?

(Hint: convert it to binary, n then shift 8 places rightwards... as 2^8 is 256)

8. can u write a C program for this?

i said sir am very stressed out now... i'll take a bit time. he smiled n said "ok debashis, u can go. it was nice talkin 2 u. the HR will get back to u soon."


1. seeing my resume , he said u r a bengali huh... so do u like oily food?

i said sir to me its the food tht matters not the quantity of oil in it. he smiled....

2. Tell me something about the Nandigram issue in west bengal n whts ur views on it?

i told

3. Are u for or aginst the creation of SEZs?

i replied in for...

4. Tell me the full form of SEZ?

me: socio-economic zone. he started laughing. (actually it is Special economic Zone)

5. speak on any topic of ur choice for 2 mins. u can sit or stand.

i said i would prefer 2 stand. i spoke upon "should mobiles be banned in offices"

6. any question for me?

i asked sir in PPT we were told something called "assurance systems", can u pl brief me a bit about it.. he didnt know the answer. he said u can keep this question for the HR in the next round


its just a formality. she asked me about myself. the explained me about the 2 year bond breaching of which will lead to a fine of 50,000..also asked if am willing to work anywhere in india.. 
i said yes. Thts it....