(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (Data Interpretation, HR)

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (Data Interpretation, HR)

Hi, Im Sandeep from NMAMIT, NITTE. These are their written tests topics
1. Verbal
2. Quantitative Aptitude and paragraph
3. Data interpretation
4. Critical Reasoning
total duration will be 90 min...  around 309 students appeared for the test.. 180+ got shortlisted and 118 got selected..WOW isn't it.. m tellin u its easy to get into TCS.. clear the written test and if u r confident enuf U R THRU!!!


Refer the high frequency words from Barron's 12th edition.. most of them come from that itself and ya its an onlinetest so u just need to tick an option... no of antonyms and synonyms depends.. time alloted is 20 min...

Quantitative Aptitude:

There is nothin here to tell EXCEPT SOLVE THE PREVIOUS PAPERS FROM TCS.. IT IS MORE THAN ENUF... BELIEVE ME... i solved around 8 papers and nothing other than that came..and this is also the easiest part... guys..
sample ques:
1. edges, surfaces, vertices of a solid cube..
2. & is for doubling and ^ is for negation.. so what does &^&6-^&^6 give..
3. M is for modulus, R-rounding, T-truncate.. they'll give an expression and u'll need to solve it... piece of cake isn't it... and there are chances that ques repeat in the same section I got that cube thing 3 times;-)
there will be a papragraph question too...

Data interpretation:

Here they might give venn diagram and 4 ques on that.. nothin much to say.. keep solving.. and also there will be bar and pie graph and u'll need no solve another 4 ques using that.. its easy though..

Time alloted for apti and this is 40 min

Critical Reasoning:

This I felt was interesting and good.. they are really easy once u know or understand the question... Plz refer Barron's 12th edition again there are 42 logical reasonin try to solve that... AND PLZ SOLVE THE 5 MODEL PAPERS.. BELIEVE ME IT WILL BE HELPFUL..

Then comes the INTERVIEWS there will be
1. Technical round
2. HR round

Technical Round:

Just be good with ur C/C++ skills, then u need to be good with the subjects like ADA, DS, DBMS and OS.. In my case i got ques from DC and CN.. but they were real easy ones..
Then If u HV DONE PROJECT BY URSELF.. please include that in ur resume they will question u on that.. and if u explain nicely ur job is guarenteed.. cause it shows u hv worked on something by urself...

some of my question were

1. What are OSI layers and TCP layers?

2. Func of TCP layers?

3. Gateway?

4. Packets?

5. Header?

I think since i answered the first one he went on diggin in that field... don't worry it just shows u moved forward to next level.. keep answering and be confident to justify it PROPERLY...

6. how is unix and linux diff
7. i remember only one C ques nd it was on pointers.. what are static pointers..

HR Round:

Since there were many people.. 4 of us together had 1 hr..

1. told us to introduce ouself.
2. Strengths and weakness.
3. they gv a topic "Media affectin the society".. talk for 5 min and 2 min each to conclude.. JUST TALK... nothin else.. he only need to see that..
4. then he asked about the bond and place where we would like to work...

Thats it.. Next thing we know We were selected...

And to all who don't get into TCS.. PLZ PLZ PLZ DON'T worry guys.. there are LOTS AND LOTS of companies out there.. FOR GOD'S SAKE PLZ KEEP TRYING... NEVER GIVE UP...