(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 At Jaipur

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 At Jaipur


I am Abhinav Sharma, from LNMIIT, Jaipur... here I would like to share my experience with you. TCS came on 7-8 May,07. On 7th there was written (aptitude) test....
Total appeared::    80
Written qualified:  76
Finally selected  :  37

1) Written Test :

It was taken on computer, it was an easy one, just becoz it was same as previous yrs. Papers. So friends plz plz make sure that you do previous papers. Maths questions will be same... and for English prepare gre barrons high frequency words list. And for critical reasoning just mug up gre barrens 12th editions critical reasoning questions, as it would be as it is.. I have not mentioned any question here just becoz they were same as previous papers

2) Technical interview:

 It was not an easy one, make sure one thing that whatever you write in your C.V, be honest in that, they will ask on that, n prepare your projects very well So here are the following questions asked:

1)  about piggybacking
2)  wat is storage classes
3)  explain static and global
4)  FTP works on which layer
5)  UDP

6)  On which layer UDP works
7)  Foreign key
8)  Can foreign key have null values
9)  OSI layers
10) About my projects
11) Network layers has udp,tcp/ip protocols give the protocols in other osi layers
12) Sliding window protocol
13) In sliding window protocol if packet 1's ack dosent arrive, and packt 2 has been sent then wat will happen
14)  Given a prog. And given static variable n global variable and made 4 functions. And asked outputs at different different stages
15)  May more were asked but I remember only this much

My technical interview lasted for 35 mins.

3) MR & HR interview:

So the hr guy in front of me was lukin very dangerous But friends be confident and maintain your body language. And be fluent with your English. So here is wat he asked First of all be well dressed, no beared, confident while walking too, As I was having little beard that day.. and he questioned me about that... But I satisfied him by giving the true reason for it.

So here starts the questioning :

1)   asked to give my introduction
2)   give me 3 reasons, why shld I take you
3)   asked about GPS (global positioning)
4)   rank in class
5)   types of scripting language
6)   in which section you would like to work (mind you, plzzz pay attention to their presentation)
7)   RFID (radio frequency identification)
8)   Where will you find yourself after 5 yrs
9)   Datamining
10) Artificial intelligence
11) How AI is implemented
12) Give/introduce an algorithm to implement artificial intelligence
13) Datawarehousing
14) Have you done anything beyond the cource
15) Wat passions you have

16) If we take you then wat will you do in your final yr.  
17) Then he just shaked hand, and questioned me that why your hand is cold... I mentioned that may be due to sweat... then he said it means ur feeling nervous, then I said no sir, its something related to biology....
18) Then he asked if we don't take you then wat will you do... I answered: I'll overcome my negative points n will bounce bak to TCS, whether in offcampus or anywhere..