(Paper) : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (Anand Engineering College, Agra)

Paper : TCS Placement Paper Pattern 2007 (Anand Engineering College, Agra)

I am Yugank Sharma, currently pursuing B-Tech in MECHANICAL Engg from Anand Engineering College, Agra in 3rd year. TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES visited our campus for recruitment on 20th March 2007. By God's grace I am selected and want to share my experience with you all.

Whole of the process consisted of 2 rounds:

1-Aptitude Test
2-Interview Round


It consisted of three sections, verbal section, quant section and critical reasoning.


Most of the words in this section were repeated from previous year question papers, but the some new words were-

# Plainaitive
# Pinnacle
# Skump
# Banal
# Irksome
# Meager
# Goad
# Garrulous
# Asperity
# Dangle
# Misanthrope

Other than this there was some paragraph followed by question (you will easily do it)


All the question in this section was repeated from previous year question paper, so practice them very well. The entire question are easily available in other paper thus no need to write them again.


It consisted of 3 paragraphs followed by 4 questions each. All the questions are from Barron's 12th edition, model test papers. So practice them well. The questions I got were:

1-A is north of B

B is south of C

C is west of F

2- Post offices are closed on Saturday in New Wales.

Banks are closed on Sundays.

I was selected in the aptitude test and was called for final interview round next day. Out of 206 students; those appeared for test 104 cleared it.

INTERVIEW ROUNDS consisted of three rounds Technical, H.R and M.R Round.


1. Tell me about yourself?

2. Your areas of interest?

3. Tell me about some basic laws of thermodynamics?

4. What are Air standard cycles?

5. P-V, T-S Diagrams of Carnot cycle?

6. Why Carnot cycle is not practical? It's limitations?

7. What is C.P.M and P.E.R.T?

8. What is knocking?

9. What is L.P.P (operations research)?

10. Basic refrigeration cycle?

11. Why manholes are circular?

12. Practical application of factor of safety?

13. Functioning of power plant (summer training)?

14. What do you about C and C++?

15. Phases of S/W development?

16. How mech. Design processes differ from s/w design process?

I cleared it, and then I was called for my H.R interview.


1. Tell me about your self?

2. Your family background?

3. Describe your native place? 

(mine sonebhadra)

4. How do you rate your college on 1-10 scale?

5. What did you learned from your summer training (other than technical)?

6. Why interested in s/w industry after being a mech engineer?

7. Are you wiling to re locate?

8. Are you comfortable with bond and overseas agreement?

9. Ask something from us? (I asked about companies PCMM and CMMI certification?


1. Tell me about your self other than mentioned in you resume?

2. Why willing to join TCS?

3. Full form of TCS? (I replied total customer satisfaction)

4. How mech engineers benefit a s/w industry?

5. Some question relating to design methodology?

Somehow I convinced them or say they were convinced by me and I was finally selected. Total 31 students were selected from ANAND ENGG COLLEGE