(Paper) TCS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Verbal Reasoning, Aptitude & Critical Reasoning)

TCS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern (Verbal Reasoning, Aptitude & Critical Reasoning)

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

There were three sections:
a) Verbal Reasoning
b) Aptitude
c) Critical Reasoning

There is no negative marking.I heard there is no section cutoff.but overall cutoff was 35 but it might with set number.In our college there were sets and questions were jumbled.So be focused at ur own paper.Thts Better.PPT began late 11:30am then it was almost 1pm to start with general apptude.So be patient n calm.Keep smiling.Enjoy the day...bcoz u probably going to miss it through ur life...ur first job...

a) There were 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms.You need to go through GRE Barron 12th edition and DreamMakers' Kit.Also check out previous year paper.Best options b or c.There was passage about Black Revolution..its not from GRE.Time is very important..its bit lengthy...jst check questions first and find it from passage...Do lots of practising from other books if possible.Then comes passage with fill in the blanks from matches were given...mine was bit tough...it was regarding business planning and money.For this u must go through sentence completion.So my suggestion is check lines with which it starts and ends...it might help to understand.Scoring 10-20marks its enough here for this section.

b) Hmmm apptitude mainly had certain questions...its most scoring section..so go through previous years paper...

i) Orthogonal pairs
ii) tgriangle questions like if triangle is possible for given pairs of sides
iii) Lattitude question ,local timing
iv) Simple graph was given n u have find equations
v) Age problem
vi) Time and work
vii) Temperature question with low and high temp and diff between them given.Find low temp
viii) Pie chart and bar graph were given
ix) River with width given.office on another side...cabling cost were given.Junction point need to be found not the cost of laying cables
x) Then there perimeter question regarding rectangle field.Cost of fencing the garden
xi) 20% 30% 40%....find the total effiency of machine
xi) Temperature equations were given.U have to find diff for certain temperature.
xii) Words interchange
xiii) Coding decoding

Check the answer properly there were 5 options.Be careful.Mind it certain answer in DM kit for tcs and pervious papers are wrong.Because myself certain options not given all though papers n DM kit showed the same answers.I marked it with doubt.At least 16questions can easily answered.For data interpretation be quick.

c) Critical Reasoning in my set was vry easy...3 questions all total.Solve GRE critical reasonings from 12th edition and go through DreamMakers Kit.
i) One was books,authors,publishers etc
ii) All G'S are H's,all E's are g's and F's are h's....i rememebered these ans its given in DM kit.
iii) Related to dog's own,dog name,type and postion in a game....

My suggestion is have through practise bcoz all questions are from GRE itself.So just remember if its too time consuming since u r given only 30 mints to solve three of them. Finally results were announced at 3:30pm.Soon after they began with interview.I was first in 4th panel.Didn't get much time to practise...bcoz it started within 10-15mints.

Myself:Good evening sir.

Sir:Have a seat Krishna.I am Anirban.

Myself:  nice to meet u sir.

Sir:  Same to u.
He kept browsing over cv for 5mints
Sir:So whts ur hobbies
Sir:What books u like ?since i told reading
Sir:Tell me about your project work.
Sir:Whats javabeans?where it is used?
Myself:told with examples
Sir:What is normalisation?Whats join?
Sir:Three tables with attritutes...sql query with joining condition from three of them.
Sir:What is OOPS?
Myself:Told with example
Sir:What is inheritance?Whats its use?
Sir:What is server?Tell the physical object tht u can compare with server?(didn't wanted bookish def)
Myself:Server is like another computer with basic difference.But when u see then they look the same.
(I told networking as my interest so he asked to check )
Sir:So i have finished off with u Krishna.
Myself:(He didn't ask any hr)So i told him sir i wish to share something with u...TCS is my dreamcompany...Dad used to work for Tata Steel...blalalaa...continued sometime
Sir:Ok,now u may ask certain questions.
Myself:When is probable joining for us?
It was pleasue talking to u.
Myself:Thank u sir.

Finally at about 8:30PM , result were declared.We 66 people got selected out of 98.Best of luck.Be confident.See u soon in TCS family.Bye.

Exam/Interview Date : 19-Mar-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Kolkata
Contributor Name : Krishna Bhar
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