(Paper) TCS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern - 2010


TCS Latest Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi all,

This is Harshit Chowdhary from Galgotias College Of Engineering & Technology, Gr. NOIDA. We had our TCS Campus Drive on 13th of Jan, 2010. Please be prepared this time as the pattern has changed a bit. Each student got different papers so there is very less chances of cheating also.

We had the following rounds :
1.) Written Test
2.) Technical Interview
3.) Manegerial Interview
4.) HR

1.) Written Test : (Online Test, All had different Papers)
Section 1 : Verbal Ability : 32 questions (30 minutes)
Section 2 : Aptitute Test : 38 questions (40 minutes)
Section 3 : Critical Reasoning : 3 X 4 questions (20 minutes)

Section 1 : 10 Synonyms, 10 Antonyms, 1 Fill in the blanks and 1 Reading Comprehension
Vocab - I would strongly suggest don't waste all your time memorizing the Barrons word list. If you prepare 333 high frequency list then you might get 10 from those and sometimes even if you prepare 1000 words you won't get 2-3. Its all luck. Its better you concentrate on the other sections. I had only prepared the meanings of the 333 high frequency words thoroughly and was able to solve 12-13 of them. Only if you have time then you can go next to the 100 antonyms section and then to the words in the model test paper, otherwise there is no need for these.

Fill in the blanks - Most of us wasn't able to solve it completely. No preparation needed for this.

RC - This one was a bit easier. If you have normal reading speed then you can make it through easily. Earlier it used to come from Barrons 12th Edititon but the pattern has changed this time and none were from it, so don't mug up these although you can just have a reading once or twice in case by chance you get one. Bet thing is to read the questions directly and look out for the answers in the passage.

Section 2 : There is no need to prepare the questions given in the papers that is given by other people on freshersworld. None were like that this time. The questions this time were simple ones on fraction, percentage, probablity, work and some on line equations and inequality, venn diagram, pie chart, etc. No need to prepare for these as they were quite simple and if you have general idea of all these you can easily solve all. I was able to solve 30 of them correctly and then ran out of time and couldn't attempt the damn easy ones on venn diagram and pie chart having 4 subparts each. This section is quite scoring so try to attempt all if possible. Eg. x litres of wine costs y and z liters of juice costs w. What is the ratio of the cost per litre of each.

And some questions like these:--
Section 3 : This section is the saviour for all the rattu totas. :-) Earlier all the 3 questions used to come directly from Barron's 12th Edition but this time each got a maximum of two from the Barrons 12th edition, and some even didn't get a sigle one. So be prepared to solve them although they can be solved easily with a little logic. The ones that came from barrons were just a copy paste with the names changed like from 'Carol' to 'Kiran'. The options were also not changed so please only memorize like badc. I and my friends have made very easy to memorize codes for all of them. Since they cannot be posted publicly :-) so you can mail me if you want them.

Questions asked are from these :

Model test 1: Section5 - qns 1-4 (motorist), qns 13-16 (red and brown)
Section6 - qns 1-4 (conservative,democratic), qns 8-11 (latin, sanskrit), qns 12-18 (joe,larry,ned), qns 19-22 (a causes b)
Model test 2: Section1 - qns 19-22 (wallachia and rumelia) ---
Section6 - qns 8-12 ( ashland , liverpool), qns 13-16 (spelunker) ---
qns 17-22 (pesth) ---i got this one too
Model test 3: Section6 - qns 1-4 (all Gs are Hs)
Model test 4: Section5 - qns 8-11 (horizontal row), qns 19-22 (a,b,c cause d)
Section6 - qns 8-12 (spanish, italian), qns 13-16 (all As, Bs), qns 17-22 (progressive federal party)
Model test 5: Section3 - qns8-11 (museum), qns 19-22 (A is the father)
Section7- qns 1-5 (prahtu, brahtu), qns 21-25 (scurvy)

The cutoff that we have estimated must have been around 50%. So try to score maximum in critical reasoning and aptitute as you can never be sure for the english part.

2.) Technical Interview :

Tell me about your self. Told (Prepare something that is not in your CV that is also impressive) Whats your 4th yr project. Explained. Then he asked some questions on it. I had done some other industrial projects also, so he asked me about each of them in detail. Told him about each.  Explain the process how a website gets accessed to your browser after you type the URL in the web browser. URL - Service Provider Server - DNS Server - Server IP. Explained this to him properly. So you basically interested in Websites ? No sir. I know C programing also.

 Give me the values after each step.
i = 15;


What are your hobbies? Told (Prepare these also well as most of us don't have any hobbies :-P Some of the interviewers might ask)

2.) Manegerial Interview :

Please wait outside for a minute. I knew he stressed on the word 'a minute' so i knocked again exactly after a minute and he asked me to come in. I apologised for interrupting but told him 'I thought you were very specific about A MINUTE'. He was really impresses and gave me a smile.

What is SDLC ? Explained each step.
What is the output of the Design Phase? Told (DFD n all)
What is High level DFD and Low Level DFD ?

I said I am unable to recollect exactly. (Although I knew what it was but didn't tell as he might then ask me to draw them, which i didn't knew).

Suppose you have a customer who is very hard to convince. How will you handle him? Answered
Tell me something about your family?  Told
Tell me why should I hire you?  Told (Prepare something unique)
Why TCS?  Told

Suppose you have marbles of three colours in a jar. Minimum of how many should you withdraw so that there are atleast 2 balls of the same colour in your hands.

3.) HR :
Tell me about yourself.  Told
Any plans for higher studies Not right now. Only if the company demands (Never say yes. They will throw you out immediately)
We can send you anywhere in the world. Any problems Not at all.
Any problem with a 2 years bond to be signed? No Maam

This was my experience of the interviews although some of them went through even without a single technical questions even in the technical round. Its all your destiny. Just be a good speaker and a explain nicely and clearly so that he is able to understand. This time they stressed too much on the communications also. So if you are good at communication skills and not at technicals then you might get through as many of our friends did.

127 out of the 330 eligibile students were selected after the written test for the interviews and finally 70 were selected after the 3 successively eliminatory interview rounds and I was one of them. Happy to be at TCS.

If my post proves to be of any help to any of you, then please do let me know. In case of any queries mail me at ' hc1501[@]gmail.com ' and I would be happy to help. May God get you all selected. But always remember 'If you fail to prepare then prepare to fail' . So put in your best and you will definitely make it through easily . But after all there's a large share of destiny and Gods grace also. So pray to God at all times and


Exam/Interview Date : 13-Jan-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Techincal Round-1, Techincal Round-2, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Noida
Contributor Name : Harshit Chowdhary