(Paper) TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper (Quantitative, Reasoning, English & Data Interpretation)


TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper (Quantitative, Reasoning, English & Data Interpretation)

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi friends, Im from MVGR college. TCS visited our college on 9 jan 2010. as usual 1 St round is written test .it has 4 sections

2. Reasoning
3. English
4. Data Interpretation

As i took feedbacks from my seniors, i mugged up barrons 12th edition like any thing. our batch is always trend setting. here also it continued. due to our good or bad fortune, TCS database is changed, we didnt get anything from barrons 12 th edition. i tried quant and solved many. in reasoning i got one ques from barrons. others are new to me but we have enough time to solve them. coming into English, i donno even one answer, its all guess work. i completed my written test at 2 PM. we got our result at 7 PM. Next day i.e is on 10-1-2010, i first attended technical round. I expected 2 or 3 ppl , but there is only one lady. she is cool and friendly.

Me: good morning mam
Panel: take ur seat
Panel: tell me abt ur self
Me: i answered it
Panel: wat is ur fav subject
Me: VHDL Programming
Panel: wats that?
Me: i explained it
Panel: (she didnt understand) think me as ur mother and explain me
Me: i explained
Panel: do u know C language
Me: i studied it as a part of my curriculum i need slight brush up mam
Panel: difference between user defined and in built function
Me: i answered
Panel: wat r uplink and downlink frequencies
Me: we r nt having satellite communications mam
Panel: what is a flip flop
Me: i explained
Panel: she studied my resume and asked abt papers which i have presented there
Me: i answered

thats it ,my interview is over
with in no time they shortlisted and called me for MR(management round):
its a kind of stress interview(45 min)

Me: good afternoon sir
Panel: ya, take ur seat
Panel: he studied my resume and asked abt my projects
Me: i explained
Panel: he kept a water bottle(AQUA FINE) before me on the table
Me: i gave a confused expression
Panel: how can u differentiate this bottle with other company bottles
Me: i gave diffetent factors
Panel: ok. after joining in tcs, u design a software, how canuu differentiate it from other softwares
Me: i didnt understand the ques but started answering. i tried with lots of answers and finnaly he jumped to next ques
Panel: if ur team mates are nt working, as a team leader wat will u do?
Me: i will explain them the benefits we r getting from the company .
Panel: still they r not working,then??
Me: i will explain them the disciplinary actions
Panel: still no change then
Me: i will report to my supervisor
Panel: then how can u complete ur project in time
Me: i will do it myself
Panel: c'mon be practical, u cannot do 5 members work
Me: i will seek help from my colleagues.
Panel: ok u completed ur project, but at the time of final submission if ur client says that u r not meeting their requirements, then wat will u do?
Me: i will show them the project details sheet which is signed by them at the time of the agreement
Panel: they r still nt accepting, then?
Me: i will ask for some more time and update my project as per their requirements.
Panel: wat is the recent book read by u??
Me: 2 States by chetan bhagat
Panel: can u narrate it
Me: i narrated the story in short. ( he is about to laugh but he suppressed it )
Panel: if i give u a java book , in how many days u can complete ur reading
Me: in 10 days
Panel: r u sure
Me: yes sir
Panel: wats ur favourite subject in school
Me: biology
Panel: strange y??
Me: i gave my reasons

there ends my MR round. i thought that my performance is bad but my name is short listed for HR round

HR round is horrible

Me: good evening sir
Panel: no response, he is searching for my resume
Me: im staring at him
Panel: after few min he asked me to sit
Me: thanq
Panel: why IT field
Me: i answered
Panel: i asked why IT?
Me: again i gave some resons
for 20 min he asked the same ques, i gave many many reasons
Panel: why TCS
Me: i answered some points from the preplacement talk
Panel: why only TCS ,why not INTEL
Me: i answered
there is a big argument between us
Panel: recent advancements in IT field
Me: i told some
Panel: he said that those inventions are useless
Me: i convinced him
Panel: in 20 years of ur life, what are efforts made by u to enter IT field
Me: i gave some answers
Panel: come into the first question why IT?
Me: again i answered
Panel: u r not convincing me
Me: i can prove myself after entering the company
Panel: i gave u 30 min, u r nt able to convince me, how can u do it afterwards
Me: i can convince u with my work sir.
Panel: ok, all the best
Me: thanq
he gave a shake hand, i did it confidently
i left the room with a smile.

after one sleepless night, we got our result on 11-1-2010 evening and i am selected.

Exam/Interview Date : 09-Jan-2010
No of Rounds : Group Discussion - GD
Contributor Name : Amrutha