(Paper) TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern: 15th August 2010

TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern: 15th August 2010

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview
Exam/Interview Date : 15-Aug-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Jithin JS

I am BTech graduate in Electronics and Communication stream from College of Engineering Perumon under CUSAT (2010 passout). Recently I got selected for TCS in the TCS Placement Drive conducted by SHREDS @ Rajagiri College of Engineering, Eranakulam, Kerala.

There were 4 rounds:

1) Aptitude Test : The previous pattern has been drastically changed. They are not gonna test your verbal ability anymore. The test comes with 35 questions(60 mins). Negative marks @ 0.33/wrong ans. The trick is that the questions are too long & the real problem lies in the last 2 sentences. I was able to attend 32, but even guys who attended 16 got short-listed.

2) Technical Interview: Here they will ask your favorite subject and questions will mostly be based on that. I took up Digital Electronics and 8085 programming as my favorites. But I had done a software using VB.NET and was asked questions dealing with database creation, primary key, foreign key etc. Don't be upset if U don't know the ans. Be frank and bold. You should come well prepared with Ur favorite subjects.

3) Management Review Interview: Here your management abilities are tested. The interviewer asked me to explain about myself. I went through my details including academics, family and hobbies. Then he asked me about the different establishments of TATA. Next he wanted me to explain the latest trends in the software field. I was then ask to brief up the TCS profile. He then asked me whether I know about Rathan Tata's retirement from the chairman's post. Be bold and don't talk rubbish and accept if you don't know something. I was a bit worried after this round. But by god's grace I got into the next round.

4) Group Discussion: This had two parts, the first being your self introduction and the second being the discussion about the topic. Anyone can start the Self Introduction and here I scored by starting first. Then everybody( we had 10 in our group) did the same. Then we got the topic which was REALITY SHOWS. Luckily this was a topic about which I could say something. Don't keep your mouth shut. Try to open the talk by yourself if possible. Try to bring out valid points and don't spit out words just to keep the talk going. Face everybody while talking and don't keep your face fixed on a single person. The time allotted for topic discussion is 5 mins, so bring out all your ideas within that short span.

Finally the results were announced after 10 mins, the procedure which started by 12 in the morning ended by 8 in the evening.


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