(Paper) TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper May 2010


TCS Latest Fresher Job Interview Placement Paper May 2010

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hi friends... This is Mani from Chennai, sharing my experience about the recruitment of TCS.

First round is aptitude.

For this we expected the pattern like section 1 verbal, section 2 apps, section 3 critical reasoning. But we had online test with 35 questions, time duration is 60 minutes. That 35 questions was full of simple age problems, serial problems, speed problems, significance problem alone. Problems are quiet easy but they gave each questions for 10 lines. The thing is how fast your are reading the question and grasping the problem and solving it.  All the questions contains many irrelevant data. You have omit those irrelevant things and you have to solve it quickly.

For example,
It is the class with the seating arrangement in 4 rows and 8 columns. When the teacher says 'start' the girl who is sitting in first row and first column will say 1, then the next girl sitting behind her will say 4, the next girl sitting behind that girl will say 7, in a particular order each girl is telling a number, the following girls told 10, 13 next turn is yours what u will say?

Simple series problem na...

But it will consume your precious time to read this problem. My point is please skip the problem with lengthy paragraph, first try to attend small problems, then go to big problems. You can go to any question and answer it within that 60 minutes. We had negative marks 0.33 :-)

To clear apps, manage the time efficiently and answer the prbs. From 1498 students 153 were selected for the next round. Technical round took place on next day only. That was a panel interview. Each panel consist of 4 or 3 HRs. I got 4 HRs. :-)

The interview went like this,

  • HR1: Hi mani... tell us about yourself.
  • Me: told.
  • HR2: Explain your project.
  • Me: told
  • HR3: Well Mani, you are using database in your project, if it was lost, how will you recover it.
  • Me: I didn't used any recovery systems sir, if we want, we can implement disaster recovery systems sir...
  • HR3: Ok.. (he smiled)
  • HR2: What is a router?
  • Me: told
  • HR2: switch?
  • Me: told
  • HR3: routing protocols.
  • Me: Sorry sir i don't know. ( I studied it , but i couldn't able to recall it there. )
  • HR3: RP3... (he tried to recall me)
  • Me: ......
  • HR2: Its okay mani, what is your ambition in your life?
  • Me: My ambition is to become a 'Primary School Teacher'.
  • HR4: Do you know why we recruiting now?
  • Me: I said, and i explained why i want to become a teacher, and when i will do it. (I think they were satisfied with my honest answer, Be honest in interview friends)
  • Hr4: Have u attended any Interview earlier?
  • Me: i answered it. (They asked some questions regarding the previous interview too)
  • Hr4: Asked some question from ppt
  • Me: told
  • HR2: Thank you Ms.Mani...
  • Me: Thanked everyone..

It went up to twenty minutes. In between they asked questions about night shift. I gave positive answer. And they asked about relocating and willing to work anywhere in the world. I gave positive answer. Regarding interview, make perfect eye contact with the HR. When it is Panel interview make perfect eye contact with all the HRs when you are telling about yourself and explaining your project. Be loud. Be honest. Be prepared. Thats it you can achieve it.

We got the result in evening. And 80 of us got selected. I am proud that i am also the part of TCS family. Meet you soon in TCS friends. All the best. :-)

Exam/Interview Date : 17-May-2010
No of Rounds : Screening Test, Aptitude Test, Technical Round-1
Location : Chennai
Contributor Name : Mani
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