(Paper): TCS Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Paper: TCS Job Interview Placement Paper Pattern

Company Name : TCS

Type : Fresher Job Interview, Question Paper 

Hello everyone,this is kaushik from department of E&C,MSRIT bangalore ,placed in TCS TCS came to our college on 20th may 2008. The Selection process consisted of the following rounds: Online test Technical intvw MR HR intvw. The online test was the coolest.just go through all the old papers.they keep on repeating. It consists of 3 sections Verbal(synonyms and antonyms) Aptitude(same old questns!!) Critical reasoning(passage etc..) Only if you clear this round you will get the psychometric test window(150 quest just yes ,no type ans) just when I had answered 2 or 3 questions,they told us no need to write this test.u hve already clrd Around 500 apprd for the test and 230 of thm clrd Next day(21st) we were calld for intvw.. 

Technical interview Intvwr: tell me abt urself. 

Me :told abt my place,my good qualities etc 

Intvwr: ur family background 

Me : told Thn he asked abt hostel life,ragging etc 

Intvwr:you r frm ec why do wnt to join an IT cmpny(a common qustn fr al ec ppl) 

Me: explnd him abt the global scenario that IT is into everything n all tht? 

Intvwr:so why did u tke ec? 

Me:told tht a good cmpny like TCS always provides u an opprnty to get into IT ,doesn?t matter which brnch u r in.. It continued for a while.. then he asked me abt diff btn8085 n 8086,logic design,programming lang,compiler etc 

Intvwr:did u write fr wipro n infy? 

Me: no Intvwr: why? 

Me: bcoz I wnt to get into TCS n I believe dat TCS is a betr cmpy thn those 2.. Then he shook hands wit me n told it ws nice tlkin to you 

MR interview: Asked why tcs should hire u,are u ok wid d bond(even for 20 years), r u ready to work anywhere etc.. I ansd confidently saying yes.then he askd u r frm udupi why don?t u strt a cmpny in udpi n work there..i repld frst I need to get knwldge abt industry relatd concepts, may be ill work fr 5 yrs in tcs n then think of it.. Then he asked me a simple puzzle..answered Then due to time shortage they took HR rnd for ten people at a time(it was like gd) Ten ppl were made to sit arnd a rnd table. There were 2 HRs. They asked a puzzle n gve 2 min to think. Then they asked each to answer one after the other. First was mine. I hd answered correctly.the rest of them gave different ansrs. 

Finally they told only 4 of you got the correct ans(including me). But they selectd all 10 After sometime they announced the final list of candidates.. Only those who made it till HR were selected(excluding a few)?ie 88. and I was among the lucky 88 ..HURRAY!! bye see u in TCS?..

No of Rounds : 

Screeing Test

Location : Bangalore

Contributor  Name : Kaushik Nayak