(Paper) TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern at Karunya University, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)


TCS Fresher Job Interview Placement Pattern at Karunya University, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

Company Name : TCS
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

This is Chowdary From Karunya University, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu)

We had campus placement on 27th, 28th November in our campus initially the aptitude test consisted of 35 questions 80 mins-calcis were allowed (all basic quantitative)...Go through recent papers they will do. out 1040 ,205 were selected for next round...and i was in we had tech and hr combined I had.

Interview for about 30 mins

All basic in tech and easy hr questions I'll any way. Sharing ma interview experience
INT: hi how r u doin??
ME: fyn sir(some hr's dont lyk to be called sir)
INT: so young man did u have ur lunch??
ME: no sir..
INT: so r u ready 4 interview or will u come back again??
ME: no sir am k now lets do it (he smiled)....
INT: k..tell me about yourself?
ME: told(start with ur educational background)...nd if ur percentages r high jus mention them...bcos they dont look at it until u mention...
INT: what is a microcontroller(i've mentoined in ma resume about it)??...nd guys am 4m ece..:)
ME: told
INT: so what is frequency of tv,cellphone??
ME: i dont know sir(don't beat around the bush if u dont know the answer they r much smarter than u)
INT: what subject r u much intrested in ?
ME: data communication(i jus had ma sem xam on that sub ...i jus told it)...:P
INT: what r osi layers?
ME: told
INT: what is network layer ?
ME: told
INT: what r ur weaknesses?
ME: dont tell no if u tell no he will ask y??if u have the reason its k but if u dont u will be a trapped pigeon...so tell him..i have weaknesses but they won't be any hindrance to ma career in long run...nd what steps u have taken to avoid etc....
INT: why tcs?
ME: told(prepare well 4 this q this is a compulsory question if ur in a tcs interview)....
INT: where can i see u 5 years 4m now??
ME: told
INT: he gave me a situation like am a ledar of a team and i hav 10 guys working under me and the project can be done...in 2months but the clients want it in 1 month so what will u do as a leader of the project??
ME: i gave a stupid answer first lyk i said...i will make ma staff to work extra hours...etc bla..
INT: then they will faint?(smiling)
ME: sir,i will ask ma boss to give me more number of ppl so i can complete the project on time...
(he was impressed)4 ma situational answer
INT: Do u know about the bond?
ME: i know sir....
INT: IT was pleasure talkin to u...thank u...
ME: thank u sir...
And finally after 3 hours of suspense the result came out and i was one among the 165 members....selected out of 205 .... I thank god 4 this success
Wishing u all the best ...4 u career...See u at TCS!

Exam/Interview Date : 27-Nov-2010
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Chowdary