(Paper) TCS Fesher Job Interview Pattern (Aptitude)

Paper : TCS Fesher Job Interview Pattern (Aptitude)

There were 3 sections eng, Maths and Logical Reasoning . 

All most all there questians of english came from baron's GRE book 11 edition and previous year's placement papers of tcs... so one must go through Baron's Guide book and papers to get every thing correct ---time is very short so some quetians ought to be mugged up ---no other choices. Techical Round--- There was a panel of 4 men . 

They first asked quetains from basic eletronics like 
1) diff between fet and bjt 
2) what is the fabrication technology of microprocessor? 
3) how many bit is 8085 microprocessor? 
4) what is a gunn diode? 
5) what is DDL language? 
6) what is a string tokenizer? 
7) what is zener effect? Fortumnately i had given all the anwers correct ly. Then they asked about my hobbies --i told i love teaching kids . 

They asked me which classes i teach --i replied 5-10. They then started questaining me from 11-12 physic like---newton laws , capacitance in series, capacitance in parallel, ofbou principal, zeroth law, maxwells multiplicity rule etc. I could not give anwers to all of them ;which ever i was not sure i straight away said no with out a hesitation. Lastly they asked me the scientific name of toad ...i was correct this time ...they were astonished. They were humble enough to tell me that they themselves did not know the answer toit..!!!! 

Then asked about my family , whether i am ready to leave my home for job or not ..!!!! I must say one should not be afraid of inetrviews .. they are extremely courtesious to all! last but not the list " IT IS THE ATITUDE TOWARDS WORK AND LEARNING THEY SEEK FOR AND NOT KNOWLEDGE TO A GREAT EXTENT "! So i wish all the aspirants of tcs a very good luck!

No of Rounds : Techincal Round-1, Aptitude Test