(Paper) TCE Placement Paper Pattern 23rd August 2007 At Hyderabad (Aptitude & Technical)

Paper: TCE Placement Paper Pattern 23rd August 2007 At Hyderabad (Aptitude & Technical)

Hi friends

This is K.Rupa from BHOJ REDDY ENGG COLLEGE  for WOMEN, Hyderabad. We attended Tata Chemical as an off-campus which held in TKR coll, Hyd. There r mainly four stages in the selection procedure.

They are like

(1) Written Test( The test consist of 2 parts Aptitude and Technical which is purely concept based ) Duration is 1hr( 30 min Aptitude & 30 min Technical ). Aptitude contain-30 questions & Technical contain-50 questions.
(2) G.D
(3) Technical Interview.
(4) H.R 

Aptitude section:

This basically contain 5 verbal ques’n( synonyms-3 & antonims-2 ). This are so easy to be answered i got (1) FEIGN, (2)SPECIFIC, (3)TEMPLET sorry i don't remember this…, (4) TEDUOUS, (5) this is also so simple…
After this there are 5 ques’n based on Data Interpretation. They r so easy no need to worry about that later i got some 10 question based on algebra, like…
(1) cos 45= ?
(2) If a man covers 750km in 2hrs, then much dis can he cover in 5hrs 45 min
(3) Two trains problem, moving in opposite directions with some velocities 500 & 700 km/hr. The dis is 2400. then find the time taken for them to meet.
(4) There are many ques’n based on trains …aprox 3-4 ques’n there are some ques’n based on areas like area of the sphere, cube is so and so ….. then find edge later i got some 10 ques’ns based on…

i dont know exactly but the que’ns are like
(1) The distance b/w the two circle present on the scale ( on the scale there r some circles of same size, separated by same distance )
(2) The scale contain some readings and some instrument is beside that, then what fraction of scale is covered by instrument.
(3) Some weight of 80kg is placed at one end of the pull, then how much wt must be added on the other side of the pull to make it balance…. the balance is not placed exactly at the center , this is dependent the rest of the questions are also easy…….to say aptitude section is so easy 

Technical section:

This is so hard one. in this there will be 50q to be answer in just 30 min. this section basically include main concepts, there is no need to worry for the people who r studying for GATE.
(1) Pecklet no. def
(2)They had some question from the stuff we study in +2 like ideal gas equation, Vander walls eqn etc.
(3) nusselt no. is used when ……..
(4) If temp inc then what happens to viscosity?
(5) Cox chart is used in ….Distillation, evaporation, drying r none
(6) Renolds no. is?
(7) Inertial forces to drag forces is called which no.?
(8) The stage below saturation is called?
(9) Throttling is the process dependent on (options)Temp r Press r Volume
(10) which cycle is efficient (option) otto , air….

The rest are also easy…. I am not giving u the solutions for this question’s bcz, i haven’t got selected to TCE. I wrote the written so perfectly but the selection process is some what different so luck also matters allot. for us i thought it is the random selection. we waited till 8 in the evening but unable to find a good news. but this should not repeat for u people that is the basic reason y i am writing this questions.
prepare well it is better to take any GATE book and check out the basic concepts before attempting the exam.