(Paper) Sun Microsystems India Placement Test Paper Pattern

Paper : Sun Microsystems India Placement Test Paper Pattern

There were total 60 questions in the written test paper and 60 total marks.
All are multiple choice questions. There is negative marking.

Sections and Test Pattern:
Section 1 : Operating Systems 20 questions
Section 2 : Technical Programming 25 questions
Section 3 : Aptitude 15 Questions

Section 1 : Operating Systems

Study all the unix commands & some basic networking concepts like DHCP, Dynamic NAT, RARP, ARP, UDP, DNS. Unix : Grep, sed, basic perl program whose o/p is to be predicted. Pipes. You can expect some tricky questions.

Section 2 : Programming part

C programs & Java programs. The programs seems to be easy but because of the Negative marking (0.5) we have to be very clear. Programs were on Fork, PID, Basic C syntax, Basics of Java, Exception handling, Inheritance, Strings, Cast conversion, Object linking etc

Section 3 : Aptitude
Most questions can be found from other papers. Nothing difficult here - just the normal aptitude questions.

There is a high cutoff and only 3 candidates were selected out of 50. The next rounds are technical interview followed by hr interview round.