(Paper) Siemens Job Interview Pattern (Apptitude, Technical & HR interview)?

Paper : Siemens Job Interview Pattern (Apptitude, Technical & HR interview) 

Type : Fresher Job interview 
Hello friends Today we had siemens company for recruitment process. It was on campus which took place in vel multitech engg college at 10 am.They first had the ppt which took palce for 25mins,then we had the aptitude test.

(a):Selection procedure: 
1) Aptitude----50 marks 
2) Technical interview
 3) HR interview Aptitude Section:

Took place for 40 mins within that u have to answer 50 questions(25 aptitude and 25 technical) for 50 marks 

c):Technical Section: In this concentrate mainly on C,C++,OS. 
This is common for all streams.I m from EEE dept. In C,C++ concentrate more on Pointers the ask most of the questions from pointer only some of the questions I remember are here 

1) #include main() { int i; i=010; printf(?%d?,i) } 
Ans is 8

2) #include main() { Char arr[12]; Printf(?\n%d?,sizeof (arr)); } 

3) char *p; short i; long l; 
Statement 1: (long *) p = &l; 
Statement 2: (long) i = l; 

1) Both are correct 
2) Both are incorrect 
3) Only 1 is correct 
4) Only 2 is correct 5) 

4:The basic criteria of selecting a page replacement algorithm for virtual memory management tech is 
1) Low page fault rat
 2) High page fault rat
 3) high page modification rate
4) Low page size 
Ans: 1 (Check it) 

5) Which iof the following statement is false?
1) In dynamic loading a routine is not loaded till it is called 
2) Dynamic loading does not require any support from the os 
3) In dynamic linking a code segment indicates the library routine required to be located 
4) Dynamic linking does not require any support from the os Some other from the OS and most the ques.. are to find the o/p for the pgm 

Aptitude Section 
A car washer can wash 9 cars in 18 min. find how many car he can wash in 3 hrs? 
Ans: 90 
2: the average of 5 consecutive no is 12 
3: find the sum least and highest no.
4: A reads a book and finds the name of the author is familiar for him.The author B is the uncle for C.C is the daughter of A.How is B related to A?
5: A marries N and has a daughter C.C is the grand daughter of B who has two sons,One of them is m.How is M related to A?
6: 3:4 :: 6:? Find ? this is series quest there will link bet 1 and 2 with that u have to find for 4 also with 3
7: 25:5 :: 30:? Ans:6(check) Logic is 25/5=5 and the same way 30/6=5 so
 ans 6 .
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Contributor Name : Arumugaguru