(Scholarship) NIIT Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships 2009


19th NIIT Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships is an opportunity to put your ambitions on fast track. Not only does it provides for scholarships but also guides you into the right domain in IT to build your career in. More than Rs 465 million worth scholarships has been awarded to students.

“Largest IT Scholarship programs”

The scholarship is available for programs under the GNIIT Series, Globalnet+ (Networking & Infrastructure Management Programs), Job-Ready Diploma Programs, Specialisation and Career Programs, Cisco Training Programs and Skill Enhancement Edgeineers Programs. The scholarship will be awarded on different programs depending on the category the student belongs.

These students are eligible for scholarship benefits on the following programs:

Career Programs (GNIIT series): The multi track Industry Endorsed Global GNIIT program offers options for specialization and an opportunity to gather one year of work experience before completion of the program. GNIIT maximises career opportunities by offering programs that lead to specialisations in diverse fields of-

* Software Engineering Track

* Networking and Infrastructure Management

* Business Systems and Information Management:

Globalnet+ : NIIT Globalnet+ is a portfolio of industry-endorsed training programs for students pursuing their Diploma/Graduation from any discipline in the “Networking & Infrastructure Management” space.The course provides learning on Infrastructure Management, Business Desktop Deployment, Wide Area Network, Operating System Deployment and Support.

These students are eligible for scholarship benefits on the following programs:

Placement Assured Accelerated ANIIT for Engineers (AAE) Program: The Accelerated ANIIT for Engineers is a program with placement assurance*. The curriculum focuses on building a strong foundation followed by technology specializations on Java and .Net development frameworks.

Job-ready Diploma Programs:NIIT offers job-ready, technology intensive quick to job diploma programs designed to make a graduate job ready and well prepared for a challenging technology career. The candidate can select the diploma programs mapped to Global Certifications from any of the following technologies-

* Java Technologies
* .Net Technologies
* Developing Rich Internet Application for Web 2.0 using Adobe Technologies
* Creative Publishing
* Business Intelligence and Data Ware housing

Cisco Training Programs: Cisco, global leaders in Networking and Infrastructure Management and NIIT have entered into an alliance to develop and enhance the IT infrastructure management talent pool in the Asia Pacific region. NIIT’s Cisco programs focuses on imparting high end networking training and providing the skills and knowledge necessary to install, operate and troubleshoot an enterprise network, including configuring a switch, a router and connecting to a WAN and implementing network security.

Skill Enhancement Edgeineers Programs: NIIT’s ‘edgeineers’ range is a set of training programs designed especially to give an edge in technology that will make the candidate stand out.


These students are eligible for scholarship benefits on the following programs

Specialisation and Career programs:Career Programs are especially designed to help engineering students prepare for the IT industry fresh out of college. These begin with technology fundamentals like C++, data structures and go on to train students in J2EE, J2SE, ASP.NET, XML, VS.NET, SQL Server etc.

Cisco Programs


High End Technology Programs: These programs currently deal with technologies like Java, .NET, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Studio, XML, Solaris, Storage Management etc. and are constantly updated based on the requirements of software industry.

Skill Enhancement Edgeineers Programs

* Students pursuing B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBM/Other recognized degrees will appear for the Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship test on 13th of September. The scholarship is awarded on merit basis on Class XII marks; Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship test performance and personal interview.

* Engineering Undergraduates and MCA/M.Sc. IT/BCA/B.Sc.IT students will be awarded with the Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarships based on their “Class. XII marks.”

* General Graduates (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBM/Other recognized degrees) can avail themselves of the Bhavishya Jyoti Scholarship based on their degree performance.

* Engineering Graduates will be awarded