(Paper) Satyam Placement Paper (Aptitude, Reasoning & Series)

Paper: Satyam Placement Paper (Aptitude, Reasoning & Series)

1. sam , sue & sally stayed in the same road. Their house nos are in between 1-99. They are not living in consecutive houses. Sue asked sam "is your house no a square" and "is it greater than 50". He answered 2nd question correctly. but she thought he had answered all questions correctly, and went to a wrong address. Sally asked sam "is your house no a cube" and "is it greater than 25". He answered 2nd question correctly. but she thought he had answered all questions correctly, and went to a wrong address. What is the house no of SAM , SUE and SALLY.
Ans:- sam 55, Sue 81 and Sally 64

2. Camel staying across the 1000-mile desert. It grows 3000 bananas. It eats 1 banana each mile. if it has to sale these bananas. It has to cross the 1000-mile desert . it can carry 1000 bananas each time. Then how many bananas would it sale. Ans: none

3. R,T, P, R , N , P , _? ANS: L

4. 52,51,48,43,34,27,18 this sequence is wrong . could you tell because of which no it is going wrong. Ans: 34

5. means add , = means equal to , % means multiply. Like this many more which expression is right. They had given 4 expressions

6. If he wears cap, then no slippers. If he wears slippers then no glasses. If not true neither he is wearing slippers or CAP, then he wars PYJAMAS. He has worn glass , then is he wearing PYJAMAS.

7. they had given 10 sentences giving 10 conditions. 5 students have to get appointment with a PROFESSOR. What is the order in which they meet.

8. 13. 82 , 97, 114, 133 , _? Ans : 154

9. You will be given about 9 sentences like..
1) This sentence is.
2) After this sentence,4 sentences may follow
3) This sentence is being referred to by 2 other sentences
4) This is the first sentence in the paragraph
You had to identify the correct sequence of sentences. For eg:,its damn sure that (4) is the first sentence. likewise you had to write the complete order 

10. A sentence was given and you had to calculate the number of a's, b's. c's.

11. There was some material in bags of different weights...like 18kg,15kg,20kg etc...Two persons bought a total of 5 bags, but the total weight bought by one was double the weights of other person. Find out the weights of individual persons.
Hint: don't go for complex formulas and all. Check out the choices given and see which choice corresponds to "one person having double the weight of other"

12. A large paragraph was given. And the numbers in it was given in base 3.You had to calculate the number of 0's,1's,2's and express them in base 3 itself.

13. A supermarket tagged the item price ,based on the following code (i am giving you a sample only, I cant remember the exact values)
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
For eg:Rs769 was coded as ROD. Now one day, they changed the code to:
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Next 4 questions were based on this.
Under the new code system, what's the code for Rs 482?-->BTF

15. A salesman made a mistake and coded the system according to old-code-system.You had to find the difference in price if it was coded in the new-code-system

16. There are a few alphabets common to both the systems. Identify those [ans:here it isTSP]

17. The owner of the house has been murdered. The visitors to the mansion were Allen, Bixby and Crain.
a) The murderer ,who was one of the three visitors, arrived at the mansion later than at least one of the other two visitors.
b) A detective, who was one of the three visitors, arrived at the mansion earlier than at least one of the other two visitors 
c) The detective arrived at the mansion at midnight. 
d) Neither Allen nor Bixby arrive at the mansion after midnight
e) The earlier arriver of Bixby and Crain wasn't the detective
f) The later arriver of Allen and Crain was not the murderer
Who was the murderer?

18. Some farm tools and farm equipments have been stolen..3 farm workers were interrogated. Each one makes 2 statements. (I don't remember the statements) One of the statements made by each of them is right while the other is wrong. We have to tell who stole them

19. There is 4-digit number. the second digit is 2 more than the first. the last digit is five more than the third. something like this. it is very simple.just have to go from the choices given.

20. A man is walking inside the tunnel AB. when he is 3/8th of the distance from A, he hears a train coming from behind him. he sees that when he moves towards B, the train just catches him at B, and similar logic if he tried to reach A. the man walks at a steady rate of 8m/h.. what is the speed of the train?

21. Fifty minutes ago if it was four times as many minutes past four o clock, how many minutes is it to six o clock?