(Campus Pattern) Latest Sasken Campus Selection Pattern : Oct-2008

Paper : Latest Sasken Campus Selection Pattern : Oct-2008

Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hello, i am soumitro from avit college,getting into sasken was a dream for me which comes true finally i would like to share my experience,so if u dream to be in sasken might be it would help u basically there was three round

  • 1st: Screening round (65 qns 85 mins)

  • 2nd: Technical round (same day)

  • 3rd: Personal interview(same day)

About 1st round it was basically three section in 65 mins in which they will have three section but no negative mark cut off will be high because it is the main filtering round 1st technical passage followed by qns and 5 word meaning,one passage will be tough nothing extra preparation required for this section 2nd section was logical section qns are standard basically of assumption,conclusion,coding,puzzle type you may refer r.s agarwal book for reference but qns again will be of standard,final section was c debugging,you must be too strong to clear this section .

Totally 350 student appeared and 27 cleared first round i was lucky to be one among them , then the second round was technical round you must be clear with basic concept ,as i was a ece student so qns was basically from telecom like :

1) Diff btwn gsm cdma
2) What is mess network
3) What are frequency of rf and many other digital and microprocessor qns they will surely give you to write one c program it will be basic like prime no,binary serach,linear search finally out of 27 only 10 clear technical round then it was HR round it was simple and easy round dont worry if u r in this round,your confident and bit of communication skill will take u sasken finally 5 selected and by all people blessing and god grace i am in sasken ... wish you a good luck and hope to see u there in sasken......

No of Rounds : Screeing Test, Techincal Round-1, Client/Manager Interview
Location : Chennai