(Paper) Latest SYSQ Evaluations Placement Paper At Noida

Paper : Latest SYSQ Evaluations Placement Paper At Noida

Company Name : SYSQ Evaluations
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

So guys the most important thing in recruitment procedure was the written test. In the written test there were 45 questions divided in three section each one is having 15-15-15 questions there is no negative marking.  


In the English section they asked about the synonyms and antonyms and some prepositions, articals. There were some question with fill in blanks and we have to choose correct word from the given option like that. The second section was of the quantitative aptitude which i feel littelbit tough bcz the question are not so as easy but if u solved the RS AGRAWAL properly then won't be a problem for at all. 

There are some questions on Compound Interest, Simple interest, Speed and distance, profit loss as i remeber. The third section was technical part just brush up your concept of c and c++. The program is given and we have to find the output like questions and some questions on Static,auto,register and calloc,malloc,free and some questions on the inheritance just very simple one so just brush your concept because it is the section where you can make the difference from other. 

2 ROUND - Technical Round The 2nd was started late on the next day . In the technical round they were focusing on the C\C++ and the language which you had mention in the RESUME so please be care full about the language which u had mention in your resume bcz some of my friend were asked abt the questions on the language which they had mention in there resume and the most important thing is your project if you had done then please mention it clearly bcz they are most interested in the your project rather than technical quesitons.....some of questions which i remeber are : - 

1.Tell me about ur self.... 
2. Tell me the difference between JAVA & C++ 
3.Difference between Linker and linkage 
4.Basice concepts of OOPS. 
5. Difference between compiler and interpreter. ........etc..... the result were announce after the completion of the Technical round and approx 30% of students were eliminated from this round........ 

3rd Round - HR round please tell truth bcz they were only checking the the person is telling truth or not . Plz don't bluf there............ Question are:-
1. What you accept from your parents? 
2.Why you want to join us? 
3.What u will do if any other company offer you a good package? 
4.What you accept from the company? 
5.If u r the principal of the college then what will you do? 

Then after this round they announce the result at 10 PM and handed the offer letter to us .......... and by the Grace of the God i was the one who got selected ...it was my 10th company...so be confident about your self ....and have faith in youself..........

Exam/Interview Date : Nov-2008
No of Rounds : Aptitude Test
Location : Noida