(PAPER) SATYAM GD Topics Pattern

(PAPER) SATYAM GD Topics Pattern

My GD Topic was "IMPACt of Western culture on Indian Youth."

Some of the other GD topics were:

1 IS GD necessary for the elimination process
2 Who is responsible for the protection of the environment
3 VAlues in an IT Industry
4 What should be the retirement age of politicians
5 Should India play Against PAK?
1. effect of cinema on Youth
2. Education in India compared to Foreign nations
GD topics.
1) Is it necessary to ban COCOCOLA in India.
2) What is the effect of movies on youth.(is it good or bad)
3) Are studies more benifitial in India or in Abroad.
1.Is China a threat to the indian software industry.
2.Role of UN in Peace keeping 
3.War on Iraq
4.About Hockey being the primary game in India.
war on IRAQ" 

whether the brand name is a way of life or not?, the other topics were as follows:

India gifted the WorldCup toAustralia or not?
gd shud be the part of selection process..?


TIPS for Group Discussion (GD): 

a) Be careful while you choose to discuss towards the topic or against the topic.

b) Predict how others may depend and write downs short points in a scrap paper.

c) If possible try to start first , if not no problem but try to speak atleast not keep mum.

d) Be fixed to your attitude, it is if the opposite person argues strongly don't leave your topic go towards others.

e) Never be in a neutral state i.e talking both towards as well as against. One girl in our batch did so. She was accepting both the arguments and she was eliminated.

f) It's a discussion don't make it as DEBATE ,be cool. Don't jump on others. They test your patience too when you are at heavy argument.Patience doesn't mean silence but talk smoothly , try to convince your offenders.

g) Always have a smiling face, that will carry you towards the success.

h) Finally don't forget the conclude the discussion highlighting your strong points.

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