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Curriculum Vitae

For certain positions, most often academic - such as post-secondary teaching or research, applicants may be asked to apply with a curriculum vitae, or c.v. Essentially, this is an academic resume, and only includes information directly relevant to the field in which one works, be it Biology, Clothing and Textiles, etc., unlike the resume, which allows an applicant much more discretion as to what information is presented. So instead of showing an "Employment History" as on a resume, you would use a more focussed heading such as "Teaching and Research Experience." The principles of resume writing still apply, in terms of length and formatting. A sample is provided at the end of the booklet.

For some students, their resume and c.v. may look very similar, this will depend on your personal work history. Some headings which you may want to use are:

  • Academic Background

  • Areas of Expertise

  • Consulting Experience

  • Internships

  • Graduate Fieldwork

  • Academic Service (volunteer)

  • Conferences Attended

  • Study Abroad

  • Affiliations/Memberships

  • Teaching Experience

  • Research Experience

  • Related Experience

  • Awards/Honours

  • Publications

  • Academic Interests

  • Papers Presented

  • References

Note: While there is significant difference between the resume and c.v., some employers are not aware of this distinction, and use the terms interchangeably. If asked for a c.v. and the position is not in the academic field, it is best to clarify with the employer exactly what information they would like.