(Guidelines) Project Management Guides & References

Project Management Guides & References

What Is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)?
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is a management process designed to help an organization acquire and view information about all of its projects, then sort and prioritize each project according to certain criteria, such as strategic value, impact on resources, cost, and so on. The objectives of PPM are similar to the objectives of managing a financial portfolio: 1) To become conscious of all the individual listings in the portfolio 2) To develop a "big picture" view and a deeper understanding of the the collection as a whole. 3) To allow sensible sorting, adding, and removing of items from the collection based on their costs, benefits, and alignment with long-term strategies or goals. 4) To allow the portfolio owner to get the "best bang for the buck" from resources invested.Click for this guide's More Details

Project management tutorial
Managing your digital media project is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of the development process. You will find that effort you put into planning, scheduling, and organizing your project will pay off enormously. Here we'll outline some proven techniques for planning, scheduling, and completing your project.Click for this guide's More Detail

20 Key Project Manager Actions and Results
The Project Manager's Partner by Michael Greer is organized around these 20 Key Project Manager Actions and Results. The handbook provides several pages of background information concerning each of the actions, as well as step-by-step guidelines, worksheets, and examples for helping new project managers achieve results quickly and easily.Click for this guide's More Details

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