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(Profile) Technosoft

TechnoSoft is a leading provider of product and process modeling and integration solutions. The company is composed of a team of software experts dedicated to automation of engineering and product design processes. TechnoSoft uses advanced software technologies to develop environments and systems that meet customer-specific and industry-specific needs.
Customers and service partners* use TechnoSoft products to develop engineering systems that provide a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Combining advanced domain expertise with TechnoSoft's products often yields systems that reduce cycle time and cost by over 90%, while simultaneously improving quality of designs and collaboration within engineering organizations.
TechnoSoft was founded in 1992, and has continuously advanced the state of the art in knowledge-based engineering systems to improve usability and performance and to leverage common needs across industries.

Service Offering : 

Consulting :
TechnoSoft offers a team of experts dedicated to assisting customers with engineering design and process planning applications. TechnoSoft engineers and developers apply advanced technology to develop custom engineering... More....

Pilot Project : Customer relationships with TechnoSoft often start with a relatively small pilot project. These projects focus on the development... More...

AML Training : TechnoSoft offers two (2) five-day training courses for the AML product. Each course starts with three days of lecture and exercises... More...

TIE Training : TechnoSoft offers a two-day training course on the TIE product covering the ability to interface... More...

Career @ Technosoft :  
TechnoSoft's unprecedented software is changing the way engineering is performed in exciting areas including jet engines, airplanes, space vehicles, automotives, shipbuilding and power generation. We build customized software applications utilizing our unique object-oriented modeling framework to facilitate rapid design, analysis and manufacturing simulations, enabling our customers to achieve significant quality & performance improvements and time & cost savings over the product life cycle. We are hiring top notch candidates having specialization in geometric modeling and mesh generation. Successful candidates must be able to work independently on projects and integrate well into the team. More....

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11180 Reed Hartman Highway
Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: (513) 985-9877 
Fax: (513) 985-0522 
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For More Information Visit : - WWW.TechnoSoft.Com

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