(Paper) Patni Computers Campus Recruitment Placement Paper at Rajagiri College of Engineering, Cochin: 2010


Patni Computers Campus Recruitment Placement Paper at Rajagiri College of Engineering, Cochin: 2010

Company Name : Patni Computers
Type : Fresher, Job Interview

Hey ambitious aspirants! First forget the company profile and history, It says the company is very picky, it was.. but now its not!! :) Patni is going for mass placements these days. I got a chance to sit for Patni placement drive. It was held at Rajagiri College of Engineering, Cochin. There were about 7 colleges and about 1000 candidates. It was a 2 day drive.

Day 1 they started with a aptitude test. It consisted of 3 parts. 1)verbal 2)Analytical 3)Quantitative

Each section had 20 ques each and total time was 60 min.
Verbal Section had a passage, it was a simple one and 5 ques regarding that passage. Then 15 fill in the blank question It was simple, no need to worry. The second analytical was also simple for me. It has those picture completion patterns, syllogism etc The third section was tough for me, coz i dint prepare well and my time management for this section was poor. ther was simple questions in the last which i cudnt even read! :( They covered areas like venn diagram, pipes nd cistern, time and distance, ratio and proportion etc. RS Aggarwal Quantitative will help you to clear this section. Ther was individual cut off in each section and ther was no negative making.As said earlier my 3rd section was bad so the last 7-8 ques i blindly marked option C in the sheet! :) This test was conducted by a group called Meritrack.

They announced the results soon and many cleared the test. Then they had a twist in the tale by saying ther was 2 cutoffs, An upper one and a lower one. The upper guys can directly face the interview and the lower ones have to attend a GD. They also said that they will take only a very few ppl from the GD. I was the lower cut off group. I almost gave it up,coz ther was about 200 ppl for the GD and each group has 25 ppl and they will select max of 4 from each! :)

The GD took place in the second day, it was a fish market style and the topics wer simple and familiar one. The topic i got was "Global Warming- The cost of human brain" Luckily i cud make some valuable points and i grabbed the attention of the moderator. The moderator was very friendly and helpful. Its result also came fast and 4 from my group including me got selected from the GD. Now only i got some seriousness over the drive.

Then there was something called as essay writing. Its not a elimination process, here they want to know our writing skills. They will be using that in the interview. My topic was "When taking a new job, what are the factors you would consider?" They gave 15 mins for writing that was asked to fill their application form.

My interview was in the afternoon, and i have come a long way to reach till there and i really dont want to blow it up from there. :)

My interviewer was a calm a friendly person, he looked throughly my resume. I have wrote philately and quizzing as hobbies, he was also interested in that and we had a long friendly chat based on those topics and it really increased my confidence level. Then he asked about my main project then also asked draw a flow chart on a particular module. The session lasted for about 25 min and he was mainly concentrating on HR.

After that they told they wont be announcing the result on that day, so we all left. But we came to know that they announced the result by 8pm. I was in bus and was really tensed.Minutes later i got a call from one of my college Placement Cell stating that I was selected!! :)

Thanks for reading, All the best guys! cya @ PATNI :)

Exam/Interview Date : 23-Dec-2010
No of Rounds : Screening Test, Aptitude Test, Group Discussion - GD, Client/Manager Interview
Contributor Name : Shameer. M