(Paper) Latest Patni Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 18th December, 2010


Latest Patni Fresher Job Interview Paper Pattern 18th December, 2010

Company Name: Patni
Type: Fresher, Job Interview.

Hi friends my name is Anniyan, I am here to share my experience in the campus (pool drive) drive conducted by Patni computers in Bhimavaram on 17th and 18th December 2010.
the selection procedure was done mainly in 3 stages.
1.aptitude test
2.easy writing
3.interview (hr + tech)

Aptitude test: the aptitude test was handled by a third party called MERITRACK. and there were mainly 3 sections in the exam.
each section has 20 questions each and 20 min..... total 60 questions and 60 minutes
1.English 5 questions on comprehension passage and 15 were to be exactly called as blanks mostly the prepositions, the other stuff to be filled in difficult one but if you practice you can get through it easily. (I mean with a reasonable score).
2 the second section was REASONING that easy and u can score the maximum marks here if you find the correct way to solve the paper. (prefer RS Aggarwal for this)
3 the final one and the most tricky part of the paper is the aptitude section. out of 20 question, 4 questions are damn easy.5 can be solved by any guy if attempted remaining will be testing your patience.

The Second round

the second round was easy writing.they asked all of us who got through the written test to write an essay on the topic "who is the role model for you?"
this was not a elimination one and it is given just to test your English writing skills and believe me there will definitely be a question in the HR round on what ever stuff u write in this essay. so be smart in writing.

The Third round

The third round was mainly HR round with some technical spice in it. Just be in touch with your basics and try to be cool (though it is very difficult) and give confident answers.one BIG MANTRA for getting through id being honest, and never bluff they can easily get you if possible Try to be different in your approach.
sorry guys for this lengthy stuff but I want to share the maximum of my experience with you because, I am also the one among many who is benefited by reading these kind of experiences.All The Best..

Exam/Interview Date: 18-December-2010
No of Rounds: Aptitude Test, Client/Manager Interview
Location: Bhimavaram
Contributor Name: Anniyan